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Criminal Justice System : Politics and Policies

Criminal Justice System : Politics and Policies - 9th edition

Criminal Justice System : Politics and Policies - 9th edition

ISBN13: 9780534628741

ISBN10: 0534628745

Criminal Justice System : Politics and Policies by George Cole, Marc G. Gertz and Amy Bunger - ISBN 9780534628741
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 9TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Wadsworth, Inc
International: No
Criminal Justice System : Politics and Policies by George Cole, Marc G. Gertz and Amy Bunger - ISBN 9780534628741

ISBN13: 9780534628741

ISBN10: 0534628745

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 9TH 04

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First published in 1972, this classic text helped define how research affects policy in the criminal justice system. The new Ninth Edition provides a unique balance of the enduring classics in the development of criminal justice policy, with the most current research from the field and debates from the halls of Congress. This 28-article reader allows students to see research-framed debates discussed in our administration of justice. Flexible in its design, this work promotes a more critical understanding of the structure and function of the criminal justice system, but it also invites attention to critical cross cutting themes, such as discretion, occupational role conception, the sources of power and authority inside institutions, and how the public may impact our choices of laws and the way laws are written.


  • NEW! Current issues addressed in this edition include intimate violence, death penalty, urban crime, gun control in America, crime policy and the legislative process, sentencing practices, terrorism, and prisoner reentry.
  • Each section provides suggestions for future readings, emphasizing easily accessible reader friendly choices to help students understand the context of criminal justice.
  • NEW! An Introduction to each Part explains the timelines of significant events or broad institutional changes in each of the areas of criminal justice. Each introduction has been updated to better explain elements of the legislative process.
  • NEW! Each Part now ends with "Questions for Discussion", to help students integrate issues as they are developed in each of the articles in that Part.
  • NEW! The previous edition's Part III, "Prosecution," and Part IV, "Defense Attorneys," have been combined in this Ninth Edition; new Part III is now entitled, "The Adversarial Process".
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  • Cole, Gertz, and Bunger present an advanced look at the criminal justice system from both political and policy perspectives, through the insight of a qualified and talented author team.
  • This reader contains concise introductions that point out concepts and doctrines, followed by articles that integrate the concepts and show how they apply in the criminal justice system.
  • Each Part introduction highlights how this compilation explores the links between politics, law, culture, public opinion, the media, and the criminal justice system.
  • The authors address contemporary areas of law, including debates in policy-making on school shootings, media coverage of violence, police use of force, three strikes sentencing the legalization of drugs, urban crime, gun control, and the death penalty.

Author Bio

Cole, George F. : University of Connecticut

Gertz, Marc G. : Florida State University

Bunger, Amy : Florida State University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Two Models of the Criminal Process by Herbert L. Packer.
2. Racial Politics, Racial Disparities, and the War on Crime by Michael Tonry.
3. The Media, Moral Panics and the Politics of Crime Control by Ted Chiricos.
4. Criminal Justice, Legal Values and the Rehabilitative Ideal by Francis A. Allen.


5. Police Discretion Not to Invoke the Criminal Process: Low Visibility Decisions in the Administration of Justice by Joseph Goldstein.
6. Broken Windows: The Police and Neighborhood Safety by James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling.
7. A Sketch of the Policeman''s "Working Personality" by Jerome H. Skolnick.
8. The Preventative Effects of Arrest on Intimate Partner Violence by Christopher D. Maxwell, Joel H. Garner and Jeffrey A. Fagan.
9. Police Use of Deadly Force: Research and Reform by James J. Fyfe.


10. The Decision to Prosecute by George F.Cole.
11. Adapting to Plea Bargaining: Prosecutors by Milton Heumann.
12. The Practice of Law as Confidence Game: Organization Co-Optation of a Profession by Abraham S. Blumberg.
13. Indigent Defenders Get the Job Done and Done Well by Roger A. Hanson and Brian J. Ostrom.


14. The Criminal Court Community in Erie County, Pennsylvania by James Eisenstein, Roy B. Flemming and Peter F. Nardulli.
15. The Process is the Punishment: Handling Cases in a Lower Criminal Court by Malcolm M. Feeley.
16. Maintaining the Myth of the Individualized Justice: Probation Presentence Reports by John Rosencrance.


17. Between Prison and Probation: A Comprehensive Punishment System by Norval Morris and Michael Tonry.
18. Racial Disproportion in US Prisons by Michael Tonry.
19. The Society of Captives: The Defects of Total Power by Gresham M. Sykes.
20. Mature Coping: The Challenge of Adjustment in Contemporary Prisons by Robert Johnson.
21. Well-Governed Prisons are Possible by John J. DiIulio, Jr..
22. What Works? Questions and Answers About Prison Reform by Robert Martinson.
23. Reentry Reconsidered: A New Look at an Old Question by Jeremy Travis and Joan Petersilia.


24. Black Man''s Burden and the Death Penalty in America by Charles Ogletree.
25. Unintended Consequences of Politically Popular Sentencing Policy: The Homicide Promoting Effects of "Three Strikes" in U.S. Cities (1980-1999) by Tomislav Kovandzic, John J. Sloan and Lynne M. Vieraitis.
26. An Overviewof Gun Control Policy in the United States by Gary Kleck.
27. Putting Justice Back into Criminal Justice: Notes for a Liberal Criminal Justice Policy by Samuel Walker and George F. Cole.