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Critical Middle School Reader

Critical Middle School Reader - 05 edition

Critical Middle School Reader - 05 edition

ISBN13: 9780415950701

ISBN10: 0415950708

Critical Middle School Reader by Enora Brown and Kenneth J. Saltman - ISBN 9780415950701
Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Routledge N. Y.
International: No
Critical Middle School Reader by Enora Brown and Kenneth J. Saltman - ISBN 9780415950701

ISBN13: 9780415950701

ISBN10: 0415950708

Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 05

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The Critical Middle School Reader is the first collection of essays that presents multiple critical perspectives on adolescence and middle level education, including critical theory and pedagogy, cultural studies of youth, critical psychology, postmodernism and contemporary feminism. This accessible, efficient, one volume compilation will introduce students, pre-service teachers, and teacher educators to a range of perspectives and will guide them through a thoughtful analysis and critique of both classical and critical texts. Designed to challenge and reframe the basic assumptions about youth development and public education, the collection will support current and prospective teachers and school administrators in their efforts to imagine and create libratory possibilities for youth. It will be an indispensable text in middle level education and adolescent development courses.

  • key readings on the theory and practice of middle level education provide a thorough, balanced overview of the field
  • chapter themes tackle traditional and critical stances promoting opportunities to increase critical consciousness
  • section introductions end with a collection of Discussion Questions to make critical perspectives accessible for teacher educators and pre-service teachers
  • recommended readings appear at the end of each section to provide students with future reading and further study

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Section I: The Social Construction of Adolescence

1. From Adolescence
G. Stanley Hall
2. The Role of Pubertal Processes
Jeanne Brooks-Gunn and Edward O. Reiter
3. "Teaching Our Sons"
Gail Bederman
4. Denaturalizing Adolescence: The Politics of Contemporary Representations
Nancy Lesko
5. "Bashing Youth" and "Wild in Deceit"
Mike Males
6. The American Child and Other Cultural Inventions
William Kessen
7. The Invention of the Sexual Adolescent
Jeffrey P. Moran
8. Nymphet Fantasies: Child Beauty Pageants and the Politics of Innocence
Henry A. Giroux
Suggested Readings for Further Study

Section II: The Middle School Concept and the Purpose of Education

9. Turning Points: Preparing American Youth for the21st Century
Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development
10. From The Emergent Middle School
William Alexander
11. The Future of Middle Level Education: Optimistic and Pessimistic Views
John H. Lounsbury and Gordon F. Vars
12. Back to the Future: Middle Schools and the Turning Points Report
Nancy Lesko
13. Schooling in Capitalist America
Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis
14. Rivers of Fire: Amoco's iMPACT on Education
Kenneth J. Saltman and Robin Truth Goodman
15. From Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Paulo Freire
Suggested Readings for Further Study

Section III: The Construction of Identity

16. Identity: Youth and Crisis
Erik Erikson
17. Racial Identity Formation and Transformation
Janie Victoria Ward
18. Freedom for Some, Discipline for "Others": The Structure of Inequity in Education
Enora R. Brown
19. From Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices
Stuart Hall
20. From Bad Boys: Public Schooling in the Making of Black Masculinity
Ann Arnett Ferguson
21. Canal Town Girls
Julia Hall
22. Subtractive Schooling and Divisions among Youth
Angela Valenzuela
23. Asian Americans: The Absent/Silenced/Model Minority
Stacey Lee
24. Lesbian and Gay adolescents: Social and Developmental Considerations
Dennis Anderson, M.D.
25. English Only: The Tongue-Tying of America
Donaldo Macedo
Suggested Readings for Further Study

Section IV: Curriculum, Assessment, and Critical Pedagogy

26. A Special Kind of Unity
James A. Beane
27. Critical Pedagogy and the Social Construction of Knowledge
Peter McLaren
28. Social Class and School Knowledge
Jean Anyon
29. Teaching and Learning Mathematics for Social Justice in an Urban, Latino School
Eric Gutstein
30. "You can't just say that the only ones who can speak are those who agree with your positions": Political discourse in the classroom
Melinda Fine
31. "How come there are no brothers on that list?": Hearing the hard questions all children ask
Kathe Jervis
32. Standardization, defensive teaching, and the problems of control
Linda M. McNeil