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Crossing Boundaries : An International Anthology of Women's Experiences in Sport

Crossing Boundaries : An International Anthology of Women's Experiences in Sport - 99 edition

Crossing Boundaries : An International Anthology of Women's Experiences in Sport - 99 edition

ISBN13: 9780736000888

ISBN10: 0736000887

Crossing Boundaries : An International Anthology of Women
Edition: 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
International: No
Crossing Boundaries : An International Anthology of Women

ISBN13: 9780736000888

ISBN10: 0736000887

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Crossing Boundaries: An Anthology of Women's Experiences in Sport will help you discover, understand, and appreciate the depth and complexity of the female experience in sport. This is a journey to the center of feminine identity, a survey of past and present voices that lead you into the minds, hearts, and souls of women in sport. The largest literary compilation of writings on and by women in sports, Crossing Boundaries serves as a chronology of attitudes and a catalog of experiences. International in scope, some of these pieces have been translated into English for the first time, thus expanding the sports canon.

All genres are represented-poems, short stories, prose memoirs, journalistic accounts, plays, and novels-to illustrate the broad reach of the literature written by women from a variety of historical and cultural perspectives. This is the female story in and out of sport, one told by outsiders, insiders, spectators, recreational athletes, and transnational sports heroes.

Crossing Boundaries starts with an important historical perspective dating back to Cynisca, the first female victor in the ancient Olympic Games. The book goes on to examine themes which have long been included in women's writings yet have been long overlooked by both feminists and literary critics. These themes include:

  • the significance and centrality of the body;
  • the impact of exclusion and the female reaction to it;
  • the role of the female spectator as an outsider;
  • the female identification, connection, and ultimate merger with nature;
  • the connections women make with others in and through sport;
  • the athlete's identity; and
  • the metaphorical uses of sport.

Because women had for so long been excluded from official sports, relegated for centuries to the role of passive spectator, you will find literature about play, dance, movement, games, and exercise-activities often considered ancillary to and preparatory for the more important activity of sport. Similarly, since the editors extended their search to other countries to expand the limits of the contemporary Western perceptions of sport, you can widen your understanding of the female sporting experience.

The young women who took advantage of the passing of Title IX by the NCAA in 1972 to take part in high school and college sports have now become mothers, and their daughters are following in their footsteps. A new atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement for female athletes of all ages means more and more women are experiencing the joy of sports participation. This book connects generations of women and girls with a vivid, compelling sporting heritage.

Author Bio

Bandy, Susan J. (Ed.) :

Susan J. Bandy and Anne S. Darden share a common interest in the literature of sport, particularly the work of women writers. Crossing Boundaries is a result of their combined efforts and the culmination of five years of research.

Brady, Susan J. (Ed.) :

Bandy was a competitive basketball player in high school and college. She earned a PhD in the history and philosophy of sport at Arizona State University. She is currently a Fulbright Scholar to Hungary, where she teaches courses devoted to sport history as well as women and sport at the Hungarian University of Physical Education.

Darden, Anne S. (Ed.) :

Darden has published and presented papers on women's sports literature. She earned a master's degree in 19th and 20th century American literature from East Tennessee State University. She has been an editor at Aethlon: The Journal of Sports Literature since 1992. Darden lives in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Outsiders: Cheerleaders, Lamenters, and Rebels
Mary Russell Mitford - Lost and Won
Margaret Cavendish(Duchess of Newcastle) - The Hunting of the Hare
Muriel Rukeyser - Boys of These Men Full Speed
U.A. Fanthorpe - Hang-gliders in January
Lillian Morrison - The Sprinters
Judith Wright - Smalltown Dance
Jean Earle - Young Girls Running
Laura Jensen - Golf
Tess Gallagher - Women's Tug of War at Lough Arrow
Pauline Stainer - A Study for the Badminton Game
Nancy Boutilier - Hotshot
Stephanie Plotin - Marathoner
Leslie Ullman - Running
Sonia Sanchez - on watching a world series game
Carson McCullers - The Jockey
Beryl Markham - The Splendid Outcast
Tracy Dodds - Why Aren't Women Racing at Indy? Janet Guthrie Knows
Jadene Felina Stevens - A Marble Game in 1955
Julia Darling - Playing Pool
Cynthia MacDonald - The Lady Pitcher
Maria Noell Goldberg - Change-Ups
Barbara Lamblin - first peace

Part 2: Dear Body . . .
Deena Metzger - Little League Women
Anne Rouse - Athletic
Diane Ackerman - Pumping Iron
Monica Wood - Disappearing
Nancy Boutilier - The Dancer
Diane Wakoski - Belly Dancer
Susan McMaster - Learning to Ride
Tobey Kaplan - what if I become a body builder?
Maxine Silverman - Hard-Hitting Woman: Winning the Serve
Ulla Kosonen - A Running Girl: Fragments of My Body History
Lorna Crozier - The Swimmer
Grace Butcher - Runner Resumes Training After an Injury
Judith Hougen - "Muscles" Hougen Comes Out of Softball Retirement
Barbara Smith - Late Bloomers
Diane Ackerman - Antarctica Considers Her Explorers
Linda Rose Parkes - To a Woman Caving
Jean Monahan - Biking at Dusk Along the Charles
Grace Butcher - Runner at Twilight
Ruth Harriet Jacobs - Swimmers
Anne Sexton - The Nude Swim
Lucia Cordell Getsi - Swimming the Body's Water
Angela Gatteschi - The Swimmer

Part 3: Woman and Nature: The Bond With the Hunted
Mrs. J.B. Worley - The Mighty Hunter
Elizabeth Jennings - Men Fishing in the Arno
Nancy Boutilier - Hooked
Kay Ryan - Fishing
May Sarton - Lady with a Falcon
Roseann Lloyd - Song of the Fisherman's Lover
Olive Senior - Birdshooting Season
Sylvia Plath - The Goring
Joyce Carol Oates - The Buck
Gabriela Melinescu - time of fish dying
Simonne Jacquemard - The Falconers
May Swenson - Death Invited
Susan Griffin - His Power: He Tames What Is Wild
Louise Erdrich - Jacklight
Sharon Olds - Fishing Off Nova Scotia
Margaret Atwood - The Trappers
Jane Hirshfield - The Weighing
Jane Hirshfield - In Yellow Grass

Part 4: The Contact Imperative
Ethel le Roy de Koven - Basket-Ball at Bryn Mawr
Adrienne Rich - Transit
Diane Wakoski - Red Runner
Theresa W. Miller - Running with Helena
Carole Oles - The Interpretation of Baseball
Roberta Israeloff - City Ball
Linda France - The Pain Business
Cherry Clayton - The Cyclist
Mary Ann Waters - Ping-Pong Doubles Match
Jean Rhys - Not Shooting Sitting Birds
Jewelle L. Gomez - A Swimming Lesson
Patricia Goedicke - In the Ocean
Margaret Atwood - Woman Skating
Paulette Roeske - Daughter, Diving
Susan Ioannou - Golf Lesson
Jo Casullo - Teaching Chess to a Daughter
Barbara Smith - Lines
Lucia Cordell Getsi - Outswimming
Linda Pastan - Sometimes in Winter
Marge Piercy - Morning Athletes
Anita Skeen - Soccer by Moonlight
Susan Richards Shreve - The Locker Room
Mariah Burton Nelson - Competition
Maxine Kumin - Prothalamion
Janice Bultman - Pair Partner
Lucy Jane Bledsoe - State of Grace
Adrienne Rich - Phantasia for Elvira Shatayev

Part 5: Encounters With Sport: Discovery of Self
Amy Lowell - A Winter Ride
Valeska Gert - I Dance
Florence McNeil -First Dive
Cornelia Brownell Gould - The Dive
Janet Roddan - April Fools on Polar Circus
Ellen Phethean - Surfing
Merril Mushroom - The Tournament
Stephanie Grant - Posting-Up
Jenifer Levin - Her Marathon
Laurel Starkey - Women Who Run
Ellen E. Moore - Running
Svava Jakobsdottir - Swimming
Joan Ryan - Mary Bacon Loses Her Final Race
Cynthia L. Cooper - Margarethe "Gretel" Bergmann from How She Played the Game
Florence Victor - Contest
Anne Rouse - The Uni-Gym
Vicky Darling - Early Morning Swim

Part 6: Beyond Gender, Space, and Time: Dervish Rhythms in the Games of the Gods
Diane Ackerman - Golden Section, Giants Stadium
Wislawa Szymborska - Frozen Motion
Amy Clampitt - Dancers Exercising
Elaine Equi - Martha Graham
Cristina Peri Rossi - Breaking the Speed Record
Elizabeth Smither - Amateur Athletic Meeting
Erin Mouré - The Runner
Denise Levertov - Dance Memories
Zehra Cirak - Song for Girls or Balance Beams
Simonne Jacquemard - Greek Dances I
Simonne Jacquemard - Greek Dances II
Vivian Jokl - Muscle Like Metaphor Pulls Thin and Tough
Tessa Ransford - African Chess 1977
Vittoria Colonna - Between Hard Rocks and Savage Winds I Try
Anne Sexton - Rowing
Sharon Olds - The Swimmer
Muriel Rukeyser - A Game of Ball