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Cryotherapy in Sport Injury Management

Cryotherapy in Sport Injury Management - 95 edition

Cryotherapy in Sport Injury Management - 95 edition

ISBN13: 9780873227711

ISBN10: 0873227719

Cryotherapy in Sport Injury Management by Kenneth Knight - ISBN 9780873227711
Edition: 95
Copyright: 1995
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
International: No
Cryotherapy in Sport Injury Management by Kenneth Knight - ISBN 9780873227711

ISBN13: 9780873227711

ISBN10: 0873227719

Edition: 95

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Author Bio

Knight, Kenneth L. : Indiana State University

Kenneth L. Knight has dedicated his professional career to understanding cryotherapy. He is a professor of athletic training at Indiana State University, where he is chair of the Athletic Training Department. He is also director of ISU's Sports Injury Research Laboratory, which is recognized as the world leader in sport injury cryotherapy research. Nationally recognized in athletic training education, Knight has served as a trainer for high school, junior college, and college teams for over 25 years and as an athletic training educator since 1973. The National Athletic Trainers Association recognized Knight as the Educator of the Year in 1995.

Knight has published two books and numerous articles on sports medicine and serves as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Athletic Training, the official journal of the National Athletic Trainers Association. He and his wife Shari live in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Technique Tips


Chapter 1. The What and Why of Cryotherapy

Why the Confusion? / What Is Cryotherapy? / Cryotherapeutic Techniques / What Happens When Cold Is Applied? / Heat vs. Cold: When and Why / Summary

Chapter 2. Historical Perspective

Heat vs. Cold / Early Medical Uses of Cold / Cold and Immediate Care / Use of Ice for Rehabilitation: The History of Cryokinetics / Summary


Chapter 3. Inflammation and Wound Repair

The Inflammatory Response / The Sport Injury Model / Secondary Injury / Swelling: Hemorrhaging and Edema / The Healing Process / Summary

Chapter 4. Sport Injury Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation vs. Reconditioning / What Rehabilitation Is Not / Principles of Rehabilitation / A Systems Approach to Total Rehabilitation: The 10 Phases / What Modality Is Used When? / The Psychology of Rehabilitation / Summary

Chapter 5. Temperature Changes Resulting From Cold Applications

Heat and How It Is Measured / Heat Conduction / Heat Capacity / Surface Temperature / Deep-Tissue Temperature / Intraarticular Temperature / Rewarming Following Cold Applications / Controversy Over Contralateral Limb Temperatures / Adaptation to a Cold Environment / Summary

Chapter 6. Metabolism and Inflammation

Decreased Metabolism at Lower Temperatures / Cryotherapy in Cardiac Surgery and Transplant Surgery / Studies of Induced Injuries / Cryotherapy and Inflammation / Effects of Cold on Wound Healing / Summary

Chapter 7. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, and Stabilization for the Immediate Care of Acute Traumatic Injuries

Clinical Studies / Effects of Ice During Immediate Care / Effects of Ice on Swelling / Effects of Compression on Swelling / Effects of Elevation on Swelling / Rest / Stabilization / What Types of Injuries Are Treated With RICES? / Ice Application Protocols / Summary

Chapter 8. Orthopedic Surgery and Cryotherapy

Postsurgical Cryotherapy / Presurgical Cryotherapy / Cryoanalgesia / Summary

Chapter 9. Circulatory Effects of Therapeutic Cold Applications

What Is Cold-Induced Vasodilation? / What Is Dilation? / Cold Dilemma / Evidence for CIVD / CIVD: A Red Herring / Benefits of the CIVD Theory / Contrast Baths / Summary

Chapter 10. Neurological and Neuromuscular Effects of Cold Applications

Effects of Cold on Sensory Nerve Functions / Effects of Cold on Neuromuscular Parameters / Tetanic Tension / Effects of Cold on Reflexes / Summary

Chapter 11. Pain and Cold Applications

What Is Pain? / Measuring Pain / Cold-Induced Pain / Coping With and Adapting to Cold-Induced Pain / How Does Cold Relieve Pain? / Pain Reduction With Cryotherapy: Clinical Uses / Summary

Chapter 12. Reduction of Muscle Spasm With Cold Therapy

Clinical Studies / Mechanism of Spasm Relief / Summary

Chapter 13. Tissue and Joint Stiffness

Connective Tissue / Muscle Stiffness / Joint Stiffness / Manual Dexterity / Manual Performance / Cryotherapy During Sports Activities / Muscle and Joint Stiffness as a Symptom / Summary

Chapter 14. Problems, Precautions, and Contraindications in Cold Therapy

Frostbite and Related Conditions / Pressure-Related Nerve Palsy / Cold Hypersensitivity / Vasospastic Disorders / Contraindications / Precautions / Summary


Chapter 15. Methods of Cold Application

Ice Packs / Cold-Gel Packs / Artificial Ice Cube Packs / Chemical Cold Packs / Ice Immersion / Cold Whirlpools / Ice Massage / Cold Machines / Vapo-Coolant Spray / Vapo-Coolant Cuffs

Chapter 16. Initial Care of Acute Injuries: The RICES Technique

Summary of Rationale for RICES / Equipment Needed / Preapplication Procedures / Application Procedures / Postapplication Procedures / Key Points for Applying RICES

Chapter 17. Cryokinetics in Rehabilitation of Joint Sprains

Summary of Rationale for Cryokinetics / Equipment Needed / Preapplication Procedures / Application Procedures / Alternatives / Key Points for Using Cryokinetics

Chapter 18. Relieving Acute Muscle Spasm: Cryostretch

Cryostretch / Summary of Rationale for Cryostretching / Equipment Needed / Preapplication Procedures / Application Procedures / Combined Cryostretch and Cryokinetics / Key Points for Using Cryostretch

Chapter 19. Postsurgical Cryotherapy

Aircast Cryo Cuff / Dura/Kold Packs / Circulating Cold-Water Machines

Chapter 20. Cryotherapeutic Techniques for Relieving Pain

Relieving Menstrual Cramps / Application Procedures / Treating Headaches / Painless Injection and Venipuncture / Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy / Application Procedures

Chapter 21. Miscellaneous Cryotherapeutic Techniques

Medicated Ice for Abrasions / Equipment Needed / Preapplication Procedures / Application Procedures / Stretching Connective Tissue / Equipment Needed / Application Procedures / Cooling Athletes During Exercise in a Hot Environment / Minimizing Cold Sores / Application Procedures / Minimizing Blisters / Prevention of Hair Loss During Doxorubicin Chemotherapy

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