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Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness - Text Only

Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness - Text Only - 6th edition

Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness - Text Only - 6th edition

ISBN13: 9780130493798

ISBN10: 0130493791

Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness - Text Only by Rachel Spector - ISBN 9780130493798
Edition: 6TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness - Text Only by Rachel Spector - ISBN 9780130493798

ISBN13: 9780130493798

ISBN10: 0130493791

Edition: 6TH 04

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For undergraduate and graduate courses in patient care and basic health related profession programs, as well as medical, social work, and other health disciplines.

This text is based on the idea of "CulturalCare" , which is the concept that promotes health care as culturally sensitive, culturally appropriate, and culturally competent. Stressing that CulturalCare is both content and process, the text explores how this concept is essential in order to meet the complex health care needs of patients and their families and communities. Using a practical and student-friendly approach, the Sixth Edition examines how health care can cross social and cultural boundaries of a patient while assessing that patient's particular social environment as it relates to their health issues.

Rich in pedagogy, the text includes case studies, illustrations, tables and a companion website, material related to demographics, immigration, poverty, and folk traditions are all covered. There is a shrink-wrapped book of assessment tools and guides included.


  • NEW - Revised and reorganized structure--Contains updated content to reflect Census 2000, immigration policies since September 11, 2001, poverty statistics, and recent morbidity and mortality figures within a reorganized format that allows for smooth continuity.
    • Provides students with the most current information on key issues while presenting the data in a cohesive and orderly manner.
  • NEW - A step-by-step approach to CulturalCare--Outlines an eight-step plan covering issues such as awareness of culture, knowledge of heritage and history, cultural phenomena, and linguistic competence.
    • Offers students a clear guide to the concept under study, providing them with a working knowledge of the material that they can apply in the real world.
  • NEW - Companion Website--Includes student activities, quiz questions, discussion guides, and related links.
    • Furnishes students with an interactive resource that brings material to life, motivating interest and further study.
  • Coverage of historical perspectives--Presents an overview of historic socio-cultural, public health and policy events, and medical milestones from 1900-2002.
    • Familiarizes students with the historical framework of the subject matter so they have a solid foundation from which to work.
  • Focus on health care delivery--Discusses topics including managed care, health care reform, and current trends in development of the health care system.
    • Equips students with a variety of information on health care issues relevant to cultural competency.
  • "HEALTH Traditions Imagery"--Highlights images to create the linkages from chapter to chapter.
    • Enhances learning experience for students through visual imagery that inspires awareness of a given heritage and symbolism, and HEALTH beliefs and practices inherent with many traditional cultures.
  • Superior illustration package--Contains examples of objects related to traditional health care, healing objects and places, and community resources.
    • Visually depicts subject matter for students, making the material under study more tangible and appealing.
  • Student-friendly, accessible narrative.
    • Allows students to grasp concepts without being overwhelmed by complicated jargon.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Cultural Heritage and History.
2. Diversity: Demographic, Immigration, and Poverty.
3. Health and Illness.


4. HEALTH Traditions.
5. HEALING Traditions.
6. Familial HEALTH Traditions.
7. Health Care Delivery and Issues.


8. HEALTH and ILLNESS in the American Indian and Alaska, Native Population.
9. HEALTH and ILLNESS in the Asian Population.
10. HEALTH and ILLNESS in the Black Population.
11. HEALTH and ILLNESS in the Hispanic Population.
12. HEALTH and ILLNESS in the White Population.


Appendix I: Selected Key Terms Related to Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness.
Appendix II: Suggested Course Outline.
Appendix III: Suggested Course Activities.
Appendix IV: Heritage Assessment Tool.
Appendix V: Quick Guide for CulturalCare.
Appendix VI: Data Resources.
Appendix VII: Networks: Selected Health-Related Organizations.
Appendix VIII: Folklife Centers.