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Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness

Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness - 7th edition

Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness - 7th edition

ISBN13: 9780135035894

ISBN10: 0135035899

Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness by Rachel E. Spector - ISBN 9780135035894
Edition: 7TH 09
Copyright: 2009
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness by Rachel E. Spector - ISBN 9780135035894

ISBN13: 9780135035894

ISBN10: 0135035899

Edition: 7TH 09

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The seventh edition of this well-respected book continues to promote an awareness of the dimensions and complexities involved in caring for people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Completely revised and updated, it examines the differences existing within North America by probing the health care system and consumers, and examples of traditional health beliefs and practices among selected populations. An emphasis on the influences of recent social, political, and demographic changes helps to explore the issues and perceptions of health and illness today. An essential for any health-care professional, this book sets the standard for cultural perspectives.


* Pocket Guide to Assessment and Health Tradition available online for downloading
* Companion Website with activities, test questions, and more
* New Research on Culture feature depicting recent studies related to cultural competence
* New photographs displaying examples and icons of various cultures
* New learning outcomes at the beginning of every chapter
* Expanded content on the influence of spirituality and religion on health in cultural contexts
* Updated chapter on the health care delivery system including discussions of barriers and alternatives
* Demographic background discussion of each of the U.S. Census Bureau's categories of the population for a statistical overview of the diversity of patient populations

Author Bio

Dr. Rachel E. Spector has been a student of culturally diverse HEALTH and ILLNESS beliefs and practices for 35 years and has researched and taught courses on culture and HEALTH care for the same time span. Dr. Spector has had the opportunity to work in many different communities, including the American Indian and Hispanic communities in Boston, Massachusetts. Her studies have taken her to many places: most of the United States, Canada, and Mexico; several European countries, including Denmark, England, Finland, Iceland, Italy, France, Russia, Spain, and Switzerland; Israel and Pakistan; and Australia and New Zealand. She was fortunate enough to collect traditional amulets and remedies from many of these diverse communities and to meet practitioners of traditional HEALTH care in several places. She was instrumental in the creation and presentation of the exhibit ''Immigrant HEALTH Traditions'' at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, May 1994 through January 1995. She and has exhibited HEALTH-related objects in several other settings. Recently, she served as a Colaboradora Honorifica (Honorary Collaborator) in the University of Alicante in Alicante, Spain, and Tamulipus, Mexico. In 2006, she was a Lady Davis Fellow in the Henrietta Zold-Hadassah Hebrew University School of Nursing in Jerusalem, Israel. This text was translated into Spanish by Maria Munoz and published in Madrid by Prentice Hall as Las Culturas de la SALUD in 2003. She is a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing and a Scholar in Transcultural Nursing Society. The Massachusetts Association of Registered Nurses, the state organization of the American Nurses' Association, honored her as a ''Living Legend'' in 2007. In 2008 she was recognized by the American Nurses' Association for her work in Human Rights.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

A Word About Health

Unit I Cultural Foundations 1

Ch. 1 Cultural Heritage and History 3

Ch. 2 Diversity 31

Ch. 3 Health and Illness 48

Unit II Health Domains 71

Ch. 4 Health Traditions 74

Ch. 5 Healing Traditions 107

Ch. 6 Familial Health Traditions 147

Ch. 7 Health Care Delivery and Issues 167

Unit III Health and Illness Panoramas 201

Ch. 8 Health and Illness in the American Indian and Alaska Native Population 204

Ch. 9 Health and Illness in the Asian Populations 231

Ch. 10 Health and Illness in the Black Population 258

Ch. 11 Health and Illness in the Hispanic Populations 283

Ch. 12 Health and Illness in the White Populations 315

App. A Selected Key Terms Related to Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness 346

App. B Calendar: Religious Holidays That Change Dates 355

App. C Suggested Course Outline 357

App. D Suggested Course Activity - Urban Hiking 363

App. E Heritage Assessment Tool 365

App. F Quick Guide for CulturalCare 368

App. G Data Resources 370

Bibliography 375

Index 395