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Cyberlaw and E-Commerce Regulation : An Entrepreneurial Approach

Cyberlaw and E-Commerce Regulation : An Entrepreneurial Approach - 05 edition

Cyberlaw and E-Commerce Regulation : An Entrepreneurial Approach - 05 edition

ISBN13: 9780324175790

ISBN10: 0324175795

Cyberlaw and E-Commerce Regulation : An Entrepreneurial Approach by Sean P. Melvin - ISBN 9780324175790
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: South-Western Publishing Co.
International: No
Cyberlaw and E-Commerce Regulation : An Entrepreneurial Approach by Sean P. Melvin - ISBN 9780324175790

ISBN13: 9780324175790

ISBN10: 0324175795

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 05

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The Cyberlaw course is taken primarily by business majors, but there are also programs that cater to computer science or MIS majors.


  • Entrepreneur's Checklist : Checklists directly relate the issues within the chapter to the responsibilities of an entrepreneur, including legal steps they must take and choices that they must make in their own business.
  • Critical Legal Analysis: This learning aid combines several pedagogical tools into one place so that students understand how to analyze cases. Critical Legal Analysis boxes are separated into four parts: 1) a brief overview of the legal issue; 2) a "Statutory Excerpt" in order to provide the necessary context; 3) a "Historical Case Summary" in order to show precedent; and 4) a current case using the words of the court. These tools will help students understand the background and context of the cases that they study.
  • Emerging Trends in CyberLaw: These boxes inform students of issues that on the cutting edge of CyberLaw today.
  • Concept Summary: Concept summary boxes summarize the important points within the flow of the text, and can be used to refresh student's memories when studying.
  • Ethics Discussion Point: Boxed feature discusses ethical considerations within the context of Cyberlaw.
  • Global Perspectives in Cyberlaw: Every chapter contains a short section that relates the content of the chapter to broader international issues.
  • End of chapter material: Every chapter concludes with Key Terms and "Review Exercises and Questions." These can be used to quiz students or assigned as homework.
  • Running Hypothetical Each chapter ends with a running hypothetical case discussing the legal issues of an entrepreneurial enterprise by the name of "Medical Miracle." These cases ask students to answer legal questions about the situation and assess various decisions that the company has to make.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

UNIT ONE: Cyber Entrepreneurs, E-commerce, and the Law

1: Overview of Cyberlaw and E-commerce Business Models
2: Going Online: Formation Issues
3: Taxation of Products and Service

UNIT TWO: Intellectual Property Law

4: Patents: Legal Protection of Inventions and Processes
5: Protection of Trade Secrets, Trademarks and Trade Dress
6: Copyrights

UNIT THREE: Legal Issues in Operation, Management and Wind-Up of E-commerce Firms

7: Litigation and Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution
8: Jurisdiction In and Out of Cyber Space
9: Contracts, Sales and Electronic Commercial Transactions
10: Torts, Cyber torts and Product Liability
11: Raising Capital and Regulation of Securities
12: Antitrust and Technology
13: Bankruptcy, Dissolution and Wind-up

UNIT FOUR: Human Resources and Government Regulation

14: Hiring, Employee Supervision and Termination
15: Computer Crime, Internet Regulation and Obscenity