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Delinquency and Justice

Delinquency and Justice - 03 edition

Delinquency and Justice - 03 edition

ISBN13: 9780801333071

ISBN10: 0801333075

Delinquency and Justice by Mary S. Jackson and Paul Knepper - ISBN 9780801333071
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Delinquency and Justice by Mary S. Jackson and Paul Knepper - ISBN 9780801333071

ISBN13: 9780801333071

ISBN10: 0801333075

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 03
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Delinquency and Justice: A Cultural Perspective takes a humanistic perspective and offers insights into the cultures at work within the juvenile justice system.

This text provides knowledge of issues, policies, and rationales of the juvenile court essential for anyone who intends to work within the criminal justice field. Entire chapters are devoted to gender and ethnicity; other chapters include coverage of religion, policy, and international juvenile justice.


  • Focuses on the contemporary, humanistic perspective of delinquents and the juvenile justice system.
  • Incorporates the words and experiences of many individuals who have worked with juveniles, including coverage on the dilemmas they faced and policies they implemented in their efforts.
  • Considers important cultural factors when discussing issues of delinquency and provides students with a cultural framework for measuring how cultures impact issues of accountability.
  • Presents multifaceted discussions of culture--from African-American street gangs to organizational responses rooted in the religious tradition of Jewish culture.

Author Bio

Jackson, Mary S. : East Carolina University

Knepper, Paul : East Carolina University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Explaining Delinquency.

Justice for Juveniles.
Historical Perspective.

2. Patterns of Delinquency.

Statistics and Research.
Delinquency Patterns and Trends.
Delinquency in Other Nations.

3. Theories of Delinquency: Bio-Psychological Explanations.

Bio-Psychological Theories.
Biological Perspectives.
Contemporary Bio-Psychological Theories.

4. Sociological Theories of Delinquency.

Traditional Theories.
Alternative Theories.

5. Schools and Delinquent Behavior.

Historical Perspective.
The Role of the Teacher.
School Systems.
Legal Issues.
School Violence.

6. Families and Delinquency.

The Changing Family Concept.
Feminism and the Changing Family.
Technological Advances.
Single Parent Families.
Two Parent Families.
Changing Attitudes.
Parental Liability Laws.
Different Types of Families.
Administrative Hearings.
Immigration and Naturalization Services.

7. Peers, Gangs, and Delinquency.

Why Do Youths Join Gangs?
Factors Leading to Gang Involvement.
Gang Elements.
Types of Gangs.
Violence and Gangs.
Remedies for the Gang Problem.

8. Females and Delinquency.

Historical Perspective.
Gender Neutral Language.
Micro Victimization.
Macro Victimization.
Profile of a Female Delinquent.
Changing Attitudes.
Technological Advances.
Juvenile Court and the Female Offender.
Incarceration of Female Offenders.
Death Penalty.
Teen Pregnancy.

9. Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Delinquency.

Race and Ethnicity.

10. The Police and Juveniles.

Police in America.
Juvenile Units.
Police Encounters with Juveniles.
Police Officer or Social Worker?
Community Policing and Juveniles.
Police/Community Initiatives.

11. Juvenile Court Process.

Organization of Juvenile Court.
Prosecution, Defense, and the Judiciary.
Delinquency Proceedings.

12. Juvenile Corrections.

Origins of Juvenile Corrections.
Types of Institutions.
The Rehabilitation Question.
The Shape of Success.
Juvenile Corrections Issues.

13. Preventing Delinquency.

The Logic of Prevention.
Delinquency Prevention Strategies.
Federal Efforts to Prevent Delinquency.
The Color of Delinquency Prevention
Promising Prevention Programs.
Teen Court.

14. Community Response to Delinquency.

Community Corrections for Juveniles.
Community Corrections Alternatives.

15. The Future of Juvenile Justice.

The Illinois Juvenile Court Centennial.
The End of the Juvenile Court?
The 21st Century Juvenile Court.
Will the Court Survive?