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Derivatives Markets -With CD

Derivatives Markets -With CD - 2nd edition

Derivatives Markets -With CD - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780321280305

ISBN10: 032128030X

Derivatives Markets -With CD by Robert McDonald - ISBN 9780321280305
Edition: 2ND 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc.
International: No
Derivatives Markets -With CD by Robert McDonald - ISBN 9780321280305

ISBN13: 9780321280305

ISBN10: 032128030X

Edition: 2ND 06

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To be financially literate in today's market, business students must have a solid understanding of derivatives concepts and instruments and the uses of those instruments in corporations. The Second Edition has an accessible mathematical presentation, and more importantly, helps students gain intuition by linking theories and concepts together with an engaging narrative that emphasizes the core economic principles underlying the pricing and uses of derivatives.


  • Concrete Applications complement the pricing discussions. Chapters on financial engineering, corporate applications, and real options all address practical problems.
  • An emphasis on core economic principles helps students develop a deeper, more intuitive understanding of derivatives markets and instruments. For example, the idea that options are a form of insurance is presented at the outset.
  • Integrated treatment of forward contracts and options. The initial chapters cover both forwards and options, illustrating how they are used and incorporating an extended example of hedging by gold-mining and gold-buying firms. This approach helps to unify option pricing; in particular, it makes it clear that the formula for pricing stock options is the same as the formula for pricing currency options.
  • Formulas are motivated, placed in context, and explained intuitively. The goal is to help students build intuition about pricing models through their applications so they can know when a price does not make sense and why. The author provides the student with a framework for thinking about commonality among various derivative instruments.
  • The Theme of Applied Computation is emphasized. Using the pre-programmed Excel spreadsheets that are packaged with the book, students can become more comfortable and fluent with pricing models and their use in spreadsheets, even before they understand the precise mathematical underpinnings.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to Derivatives

Part I. Insurance, Hedging, and Simple Strategies

Chapter 2 An Introduction to Forwards and Options
Chapter 3 Insurance, Collars, and Other Strategies
Chapter 4 Introduction to Risk Management

Part II. Forwards, Futures, and Swaps

Chapter 5 Financial Forwards and Futures
Chapter 6 Commodity Forwards and Futures
Chapter 7 Interest Rates Forwards and Futures
Chapter 8 Swaps

Part III. Options

Chapter 9 Parity and Other Option Relationships
Chapter 10 Binomial Option Pricing: I
Chapter 11 Binomial Option Pricing: II
Chapter 12 The Black-Scholes Formula
Chapter 13 Market-Making and Delta-Hedging
Chapter 14 Exotic Options: I

Part IV. Financial Engineering and Applications

Chapter 15 Financial Engineering and Security Design
Chapter 16 Corporate Applications
Chapter 17 Real Options

Part V. Advanced Pricing Theory

Chapter 18 The Lognormal Distribution
Chapter 19 Monte Carlo Valuation
Chapter 20 Brownian Motion and Ito's Lemma
Chapter 21 The Black-Scholes Equation
Chapter 22 Exotic Options: II
Chapter 23 Interest Rate Models
Chapter 24 Risk Assessment
Chapter 25 Credit Risk
Chapter 26 Volatility