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Design and Analysis : A Researcher's Handbook

Design and Analysis : A Researcher's Handbook - 3rd edition

Design and Analysis : A Researcher's Handbook - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780132007757

ISBN10: 0132007754

Design and Analysis : A Researcher
Edition: 3RD 91
Copyright: 1991
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Design and Analysis : A Researcher

ISBN13: 9780132007757

ISBN10: 0132007754

Edition: 3RD 91

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Appropriate for advanced undergraduate/graduate-level courses in Research Methods, Experimental Psychology, Experimental Design, and Advanced Statistics.

Designed to bridge the gap between elementary texts in statistics and experimental design and professional source books, this volume provides students with the basic information necessary to design and analyze meaningful experiments in the behavioral, social, and biological sciences.


  • Offers complete and detailed coverage of the most common experimental designs used by psychologists and other behavioral scientists, showing the richness of information obtainable from different experimental designs.
  • Provides numerous illustrations of the applications of these designs.
  • Develops the procedures by which specific questions can be obtained.
  • Adds material on the effects of heterogeneity of variances and the use of power estimates.
  • Reorganizes chapters on simple effects and interactive comparisons to facilitate understanding of complex concepts.
  • Expands analysis of the mixed factorial design.
  • Adds a new chapter on the analysis of complex factorial designs.

Author Bio

Keppel, Geoffrey : Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkley

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Design of Experiments.

2. Specifying Sources of Variability.

3. Variance Estimates and the Evaluation of the F Ratio.

4. The Sensitivity of an Experiment: Effect Size and Power.

5. Assumptions and Other Considerations.

6. Analytical Comparisons Among Treatment Means.

7. Analysis of Trend.

8. Correction for Cumulative Type I Error.

9. Introduction to the Factorial Design.

10. Rationale and Rules for Calculating the Major Effects.

11. Detailed Analyses of Main Effects and Simple Effects.

12. The Analysis of Interaction Comparisons.

13. Analysis of Experiments with Unequal Sample Sizes.

14. Designs with Randomized Blocks and the Analysis of Covariance.

15. Introduction to Within-Subjects Designs.

16. The Single-Factor Within-Subjects Design.

17. The Mixed Two-Factor Within-Subjects Design: The Overall Analysis and the Analysis of the Main Effects and Simple Effects.

18. The Mixed Two-Factor Design: Analysis of Interaction Comparisons.

19. The Three-Factor Design: The Basic Analysis.

20. The Three-Factor Design: Simple Effects and Interaction Comparisons.

21. The Two-Factor Within-Subjects Design.

22. Other Higher-Order Designs.

Appendix A: Statistical Tables.
Appendix B: Answers to Chapter Exercises.
Appendix C: Analysis of Designs with Random Factors.

Author Index.
Subject Index.

Other Editions of Design and Analysis : A Researcher's Handbook

Design and Analysis : Researcher