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Developing Professional Behavior

Developing Professional Behavior - 00 edition

Developing Professional Behavior - 00 edition

ISBN13: 9781556423161

ISBN10: 1556423160

Developing Professional Behavior by Jack  Ed. Kasar and E. Nelson  Ed. Clark - ISBN 9781556423161
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Slack Inc.
International: No
Developing Professional Behavior by Jack  Ed. Kasar and E. Nelson  Ed. Clark - ISBN 9781556423161

ISBN13: 9781556423161

ISBN10: 1556423160

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 00

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This timely book provides a focused approach for developing a challenging yet vital and necessary area for professional success in health care practitioners -- the development of professional behaviors. It addresses the essential elements that are necessary to perform professionally in society, such as dependability, professional presentation, initiative, empathy, and cooperation. These behaviors are developed through the recognition of skills, practice, experience, role mentorship, and evaluative feedback.

The issues of professional behavior are directed specifically toward the health care professional. Emphasizing the importance of these behaviors in students can only help to strengthen them for professional roles. This book utilizes case vignettes, structured learning activities and exercises, and self-reflection and evaluation techniques. It helps to define what professionalism means, and presents strategies to enhance its development.


  • Professional Development Assessment.
  • Case Vignettes, Activities, and Exercises.
  • Structured Activities for Professional Behaviors.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part One: Behind the Scenes: Background and Underlying Factors

Chapter 1: The Meaning of Professionalism
Chapter 2: Guiding Ethics
Chapter 3: Developmental Framework

Part Two: The Right Stuff: Professional Behaviors

Chapter 4: Dependability
Chapter 5: Professional Presentation
Chapter 6: Initiative
Chapter 7: Empathy
Chapter 8: Cooperation
Chapter 9: Organization
Chapter 10: Clinical Reasoning
Chapter 11: Supervisory Process
Chapter 12: Verbal Communication
Chapter 13: Written Communication

Part Three: Measuring Up: The Professional Development Assessment

Chapter 14: Development of the Instrument, and its Academic and Clinical Applications

Part Four: Full Circle: Developing Professionalism in the Next Generation

Chapter 15: Learning and Teaching Approaches
Chapter 16: Continuing Education

Part Five: Reality Rehearsal: Structured Activities for Professional Behaviors

Structured Activity #1- Be Careful What You Write
Structured Activity #2- Judging Books by Their Cover
Structured Activity #3- Build a Better Mousetrap
Structured Activity #4- Being on Time
Structured Activity #5- What do I Say When I Talk To You?
Structured Activity #6- Seeking the Self
Structured Activity #7- How Much Do I Really Want It?
Structured Activity #8- Who Am I and Where Am I Going?