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Development and Social Change

Development and Social Change - 5th edition

Development and Social Change - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9781412992077

ISBN10: 1412992079

Development and Social Change by Philip McMichael - ISBN 9781412992077
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 5TH 12
Copyright: 2012
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc.
International: No
Development and Social Change by Philip McMichael - ISBN 9781412992077

ISBN13: 9781412992077

ISBN10: 1412992079

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 5TH 12
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Explores development through historical narrative and examines the globalization/development paradox through in-depth case studies.

In his Fifth Edition of Development and Social Change: A Global Perspective, author Philip McMichael examines the project of globalization and its instabilities (climate, energy, food, financial crises) through the lens of development and its origins in the colonial project. The book continues to help students make sense of a complex world in transition and explains how globalization became part of public discourse.

Filled with case studies, this text makes the intricacies of globalization concrete, meaningful, and clear for students and moves them away from simple social evolutionary views, encouraging them to connect social change, development policies, global inequalities and social movements. The book challenges students to see themselves as global citizens whose consumption decisions have real social and ecological implications.

Key Features:

a world-historical perspective that situates globalization in the declining fortunes of the postwar development project, and considers current global limits and possibilities

a political perspective that views development and globalization as discursive practices managed by historic elite groupings, as mechanisms of power and world ordering

an ecological perspective drawing attention to the environmental consequences of development and attempts to reintegrate social life in ecological cycles

an emphasis on resistance and social movements as actors shaping the meaning and direction of these projects, in addition to building alternatives

a series of case studies that allow in-depth examination of development/globalization dilemmas and paradoxes to interrupt the idea of a linear process.

New to the Fifth Edition:

developmental impacts of the rise of the BRICS

structural adjustment an

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface to the Fifth Edition About the Author A Timeline of Development Acknowledgments Abbreviations 1. Development: Theory and Reality Part I. The Development Project (Late 1940s to Early 1970s) 2. Instituting the Development Project 3. The Development Project: International Framework 4. Globalizing Developments Part II. The Globalization Project (1980s to 2000s) 5. Instituting the Globalization Project 6. The Globalization Project in Practice 7. Global Countermovements Part III. Millennial Reckonings (2000s-Present) 8. The Globalization Project in Crisis 9. The Sustainability Project 10. Rethinking Development Notes References Glossary/Index