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Developmental Play Therapy in Clinical Social Work

Developmental Play Therapy in Clinical Social Work - 01 edition

Developmental Play Therapy in Clinical Social Work - 01 edition

ISBN13: 9780205297498

ISBN10: 0205297498

Developmental Play Therapy in Clinical Social Work by Elizabeth Timberlake and Marika Cutler - ISBN 9780205297498
Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Developmental Play Therapy in Clinical Social Work by Elizabeth Timberlake and Marika Cutler - ISBN 9780205297498

ISBN13: 9780205297498

ISBN10: 0205297498

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Covers all aspects of play therapy with children in mental health clinics, schools, health settings, private practice offices, and child and family service agencies. This book draws on classic and current materials in developing a theoretically-framed, dynamic assessment and intervention model of clinical social work with children and their parents. It integrates concepts and practice principles with real-life case vignettes in individualized application to multiple problems in multiple practice settings. This stage-framed model presents in-depth use of play media, symbolic metaphor, therapeutic alliance, and developmental growth processes in assessing and treating children's developmental, emotional, and behavioral problems, conducting concurrent parent work, and evaluating practice outcome. Separate chapters focus on attachment problems, learning and attention problems, anxiety disorders, and trauma related to violence. For social workers working with children.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Biographical Sketches.


1. Developmental Play Therapy in Clinical Social Work.

Play in Growth and Development.
Biopsychosocial Functioning.
Play and Therapy.

2. Therapeutic Alliance and Developmental Change Process.

Therapeutic Alliance as Construct.
Therapeutic Alliance as Process.
Developmental Change Process.

3. Play Objects and Symbolic Metaphor: Tools in Developmental Change.

Creating a Play Environment.
Developmental Action Themes in Play Therapy.
The Play Knapsack.

4. Developmental Change Process across Treatment Stages.

Therapeutic Change.
Treatment Stages in Developmental Play Therapy.
The End Game.

5. Concurrent Parent Work.

Engagement at Intake.
Establishing Goals and Outcomes.
Treatment Issues in Concurrent Work.

Martha W. Chescheir, Ph.D., Concurrent Parent Work: Dobson Family.


6. Parent Interviews in Biopsychosocial Assessment and Planning.

The Art of Assessment.
Data Collection.
Data Consolidation.

Elizabeth M. Timberlake, D.S.W., Biopsychosocial Assessment: Zack Amanto.

7. Child Interviews in Biopsychosocial Assessment and Planning.

Developmental Realms: Concepts and Application.
Child Assessment Techniques.
Mental Status Exam.
Case Formulation, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning.

Marika Moore Cutler, M.S.W., Biopsychosocial Assessment: Mollie Jones.


8. Barbara Peo Early, D.S.W., Integrating Cognitive Behavioral Theory with Play Therapy.

From the Roots of Cognitive and Behavioral Theories to Current Application with Children.
Integrating Cognitive and Behavioral Theories into Clinical Social Work with Childhood Problems.
The Model.
Using Cognitive and Behavioral Theories to Focus on Strengths in Child Therapy.


9. Attachment Problems.

Problems with Attachment.
Problems of Neglect, Foster Care, and Loss.
Reactive Attachment Disorders.

Karen Block, M.S.W., Course of Treatment: Ryan L.

10. Christine Anlauf Sabatino, D.S.W., Learning Disorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders.

Understanding the Learning Disabilities Syndrome.
Understanding ADHD.

Mary C. Owen, M.S.W., Course of Treatment: Sam.

11. Anxiety Disorders.

Clinical Syndrome.
Clinical Etiology.
Family Issues.
Empirical Support for Treatment Selection.

Marika Moore Cutler, M.S.W., Course of Treatment: Julie.

12. Post Traumatic Stress Disorders: Violence and Trauma.

Context of Traumatic Events.
Coping with Stress and Distress.
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
Sexual Abuse.

Jennifer Weaver, M.S.W., Course of Treatment: Tina, a Case of Sexual Abuse.
Community Violence.

Marika Moore Cutler, M.S.W., Kanessa, a Case of Community Violence.


13. Michaela Z. Farber, D.S.W., Evaluating Therapeutic Change.

Incorporating Meaning into Measurement.
Creating Practice Outcome Questions.
Selecting Systematic Measurement Designs.
Measuring Outcomes.
Analyzing Data.
Elizabeth M. Timberlake, D.S.W., Treatment and Outcome Summary: Jack.