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Digital Media

Digital Media - 05 edition

Digital Media - 05 edition

ISBN13: 9780130873903

ISBN10: 013087390X

Digital Media by Richard Lewis and James Luciana - ISBN 9780130873903
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Digital Media by Richard Lewis and James Luciana - ISBN 9780130873903

ISBN13: 9780130873903

ISBN10: 013087390X

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 05

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For courses in Graphic Design, Graphic Imaging and Printing Technology, Computer Graphics, and Practical Computer Arts.

This clearly written text introduces students to the new and exciting field of digital media. It explains each of the new media, along with its history and connection to the worlds of art and design. It also covers essential key concepts and techniques for image-editing, digital illustration and painting, 2D and 3D animation, digital layout, web design, and analyzes the computer and its peripherals to explain the different elements of a digital media studio.


  • Specifically written for the artist and designer.
    • Provides concepts distinctively expressed and focused on creative possibilities, with clearly defined technical terms which do not require a technical background.
  • Focus on digital media--Includes historical evolution and connections to traditional media.
    • Provides solid and useful information for those beginning their exploration of these exciting new tools.
  • Conceptual information--Not program or platform specific.
    • Allows instructors to expand on the information covered, and applies to whatever programs or platforms they prefer.
  • Hundreds of illustrations--Provides visual information which helps explain more complex issues and technology.
    • Makes it easy for instructors and students to visualize the artistic, conceptual, and technical issues covered.
  • Boxes on special themes and subjects--e.g., digital media, significant leaders and founders, trend setting digital artists, designers, and useful technical information.
    • Animates the learning experience for students.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. The Artist and the Computer.


2. The History of Computers: From Calculator to Multimedia.
3. In the Box: Inside the Computer.
4. Outside of the Box: Hard and Soft Copy.


5. The Pioneers of Digital Art.
6. Digital Layout and Design.
7. Image-Editing.
8. Digital Painting.
9. Vector Drawing and Illustration.
10. 2D Animation.
11. 3D Modeling and Animation.
12. The Internet and the World Wide Web: A Brief History.
13. Designing for the Web: Tools and Technologies.


14. The Digital Studio: Artist Portfolios and Careers.