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Dilemmas of International Trade

Dilemmas of International Trade - 2nd edition

Dilemmas of International Trade - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780813367682

ISBN10: 0813367689

Dilemmas of International Trade by Bruce Moon - ISBN 9780813367682
Edition: 2ND 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Westview Press, Inc.
International: No
Dilemmas of International Trade by Bruce Moon - ISBN 9780813367682

ISBN13: 9780813367682

ISBN10: 0813367689

Edition: 2ND 00

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In the post-Cold War world, trade is the new arena for competition-between nations, between groups, between ethical and theoretical ideas. In this revised and updated second edition of Dilemmas of International Trade political economist Bruce Moon puts contemporary trade events--NAFTA, United States-Japan controversies, the Uruguay Round of GATT, China's Most Favored Nation status, the founding of the World Trade Organization--into historical and theoretical perspective with the British Corn Laws, the Great Depression, the Bretton Woods system, and the origins of the European Union. Economic theory, terms, and concepts are clearly explained and contextualized with those from international relations. Throughout the book, three central dilemmas are examined: the unequal distribution of income and wealth created by international trade, the tradeoff among competing values that trade requires, and the difficult interrelationship between economic and foreign policy goals within and among trading nations. Though internationally framed, each dilemma has ramifications at a variety of levels all the way down to the individual's role in the global economy-as a consumer, as a citizen, and ultimately as a moral agent.

Author Bio

Moon, Bruce : Lehigh University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
List of Acronyms

1. Trade and Trade Issues

The Themes of the Book
The Importance of Trade
Concerns about the Trade Balance
Policy Alternatives
Free Trade and the Search for Competitiveness
Export Promotion and Industrial Policy
Forms of Import Restrictions
International Cooperation to Stimulate Trade
The Dilemmas of International Trade
The Distributional Dilemma
The Values Dilemma
The State Goals Dilemma
Choices for the Individual
Conclusion: Choosing a Trade Policy

2. The Theoretical and Historical Origins of Trade Issues

Liberalism and Mercantilism
Mercantilist Trade Policy
The Corn Laws
The Roots of Mercantilism
The Demise of Mercantilism and the Birth of Liberalism
The Rise of the Market
The Advent of Free Trade Theory
The Political Conflict over the Corn Laws
Conclusion: The Triumph of Free Trade

3. The Politics of Protectionism

Cycles of Global Mercantilism and Liberalism
The Reaction to Laissez-Faire
The Rise of the Working Class and Political Democracy
Modern Elaborations of Liberal Trade Theory
The Distributional Dilemma: The Impact of Trade on Class
The Distributional Politics of Trade Policy
The Effects of Market Dominance and Decline
Trade and the Great Depression
Conclusion: The Sources of Policy Cycles

4. The International Politics of Trade

The Origins of Bretton Woods
Hegemonic Stability Theory and American Global Leadership
Liberal Interdependence and Peace
The Ideals and Institutions of the Bretton Woods System
The Principles of GATT/WTO
The Financial Institutions of the Bretton Woods System
The Uruguay Round of GATT
The World Trade Organization
Conclusion: Trade Dilemmas, International Institutions and the "Battle of Seattle,"

5. Neomercantilism and Bilateral Trade Issues

U.S.-Japanese Trade Tensions
The Effects of International Trade on the State
Differences in Trade Policies
Japanese Trade Policy
Strategic Trade Theory and Policy
The Different Roots of American and Japanese Trade Policy
Contemporary American Trade Policy
Recent Trade Disputes
Conclusion: The Future of American-Japanese Relations

6. Regional Integration

The Evolution of the European Union
Integration: Liberal on the Inside and Mercantilist on the Outside
The Mercantilist Roots of the EU
The Liberal Roots of the EU
The Political Roots of the EU
The Dilemmas Posed by Exchange-Rate Policy
The Evolution of the North American Free Trade Agreement
Motivations for NAFTA
The Dilemmas in NAFTA and the Political Response
The Dilemma of National Sovereignty
The Dilemma of Value Trade-Offs and Environmental Politics
The Distributional Dilemma and the Politics of Labor Issues
The Impact of NAFTA and the Mexican Collapse
Conclusion: Lessons from NAFTA

7. Globalization and Outward-Oriented Development

Trade Options for Poor Countries
Outward-Oriented Development
The Dilemmas of Outward-Oriented Development
The Coming Storm: Dilemmas Revealed
The Asian Meltdown
The Dangers of Deficits: Who's Next?
8. Looking Ahead
Missions Reviewed
Mercantilism and Liberalism: A Summary Perspective
Future Challenges

Conclusion: Individual Choices
Discussion Questions
Suggested Readings
About the Book and Author

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