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Doing Sport Psychology

Doing Sport Psychology - 00 edition

Doing Sport Psychology - 00 edition

ISBN13: 9780736000864

ISBN10: 0736000860

Doing Sport Psychology by Mark B.  Ed. Anderson - ISBN 9780736000864
Edition: 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
International: No
Doing Sport Psychology by Mark B.  Ed. Anderson - ISBN 9780736000864

ISBN13: 9780736000864

ISBN10: 0736000860

Edition: 00

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Many sport psychology texts focus on what to do -- relaxation, imagery, etc. This is the first text to focus directly on the how of doing sport psychology.

Doing Sport Psychology involves much more than the standard techniques such as goal setting and positive self-talk. Counselors' personalities, the history of their relationships with athletes, the interaction of individual psychologists and athletes with entire teams--these factors are at least as important as the application of standard procedures. This book reveals in intimate detail the process of sport psychology at work.

The text, edited by psychologist Mark B. Andersen, includes:

  • details of sessions directed by professionals using a variety of models: cognitive-behavioral, rational-emotive, performance enhancement, developmental, and psychodynamic;
  • transcripts of dialogue between counselors and athletes in many different sports, which clearly demonstrate what sport psychology sessions actually sound like;
  • descriptive commentaries on why the psychologists chose the therapeutic path they did and what other options they might have chosen; and
  • specifics on how a wide variety of people--including coaches, physical therapists, and other professionals who work with athletes and performers--administer sport psychology.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I. Getting Started

Chapter 1. Beginnings: Intakes and the Initiation of Relationships
Mark B. Andersen
Chapter 2. Removing Psychological Barriers: Clearing the Way
Burt Giges
Chapter 3. Managing Stress On and Off the Field: The Littlefoot Approach to Learned Resourcefulness
Albert J. Petitpas

Part II. From the Applied Sport Psychology Canon

Chapter 4. Relax! It Ain't Easy (Or Is It?)
Clay P. Sherman and Artur Poczwardowski
Chapter 5. Listening to Self-Talk, Hearing Self-Concept
Clark Perry, Jr., and Herbert W. Marsh
Chapter 6. Doing Imagery in the Field
Jeff Simons
Chapter 7. Targeting Futures: Goal Setting for Professional Sports
Daryl B. Marchant

Part III. Beyond Performance Enhancement: Working With and Working Through

Chapter 8. The Sadness in Sport: Working With a Depressed and Suicidal Athlete
Karen D. Cogan
Chapter 9. Counseling Athletes With Eating Disorders: A Case Example
Trent A. Petrie and Roberta Trattner Sherman
Chapter 10. Looking for Help, Grieving Love Lost: The Case of C
Steve T. Barney and Mark B. Andersen

Part IV. The Study of Service: From Supervision to Complex Delivery

Chapter 11. Supervision I: From Models to Doing
Judy L. Van Raalte and Mark B. Andersen
Chapter 12. Supervision II: A Case Study
Mark B. Andersen, Judy L. Van Raalte, and Greg W. Harris
Chapter 13. First Internship Experiences, Or, What I Did on Holiday
Vance V. Tammen
Chapter 14. Into the Maelstrom: A Five-Year Relationship From College Ball to the NFL
Frances L. Price and Mark B. Andersen

Part V. Branching Out: Other Practitioners, Other Settings

Chapter 15. Doing Sport Psychology at The Really Big Show
Sean C. McCann
Chapter 16. Doing Sport Psychology With Injured Athletes
Gregory S. Kolt
Chapter 17. Doing Sport Psychology in the Coaching Role
Britton W. Brewer
Chapter 18. Leaving Sport: Easing Career Transitions
David Lavallee and Mark B. Andersen
Chapter 19. Breaking Out: Doing Sport Psychology With Performing Artists
Kate F. Hays