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Dracula - 03 edition

Dracula - 03 edition

ISBN13: 9781591940036

ISBN10: 1591940036

Dracula by Bram Stoker and Beth  Ed. Johnson - ISBN 9781591940036
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Townsend Press
International: No
Dracula by Bram Stoker and Beth  Ed. Johnson - ISBN 9781591940036

ISBN13: 9781591940036

ISBN10: 1591940036

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 03

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Jonathan Harker has a job to do. The young lawyer must go to the mysterious country of Transylvania to work for a man he knows as "the Count." At first, Jonathan is excited by the chance to travel and meet new people. But after his arrival in Transylvania, he begins to wonder what's going on. People act strangely upon hearing he is going to visit the Count. When Jonathan arrives at the Count's dark, isolated castle, he too begins to feel afraid. Soon after meeting his host, Jonathan finds himself trapped in a horrifying nightmare. Only this nightmare is real, and he can't wake up....

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

PART I: Ten Steps to Improving College Reading Skills

Chapter 1: Vocabulary in Context
End-of-chapter reading: "Night Watch" Roy Popkin
Six mastery tests

Chapter 2: Main Ideas
End-of-chapter reading: "Here's to Your Health" Joan Dunayer
Six mastery tests

Chapter 3: Supporting Details
End-of-chapter reading: "Child-Rearing Styles" Diane E. Papalia and Sally Wendkos Olds
Six mastery tests

Chapter 4: Implied Main Ideas and the Central Point
End-of-chapter reading: "Rowing the Bus" Paul Logan
Six mastery tests

Chapter 5: Relationships I
End-of-chapter reading: "Students in Shock" John Kellmayer
Six mastery tests

Chapter 6: Relationships II
End-of-chapter reading: "I Became Her Target" Roger Wilkins
Six mastery tests and three combined-mastery tests

Chapter 7: Fact and Opinion
End-of-chapter reading: "New Respect for the Nap, A Pause That Refreshes" Jane E. Brody
Six mastery tests

Chapter 8: Inferences
End-of-chapter eading: "Gender Inequality in Health Care and in the Workplace" James M. Henslin
Six mastery tests

Chapter 9: Purpose and Tone
End-of-chapter reading: "The Scholarship Jacket" Marta Salinas
Six mastery tests

Chapter 10: Argument
End-of-chapter reading: "In Praise of the F Word" Mary Sherry
Six mastery tests

PART II: Ten Reading Selections

1 The Yellow Ribbon Pete Hamill
2 Urban Legends Beth Johnson
3 Shame Dick Gregory
4 The Bystander Effect Dorothy Barkin
5 The Real Story of Flight 93 Karen Breslau, Eleanor Clift, and Evan Thomas
6 Coping with Nervousness Rudolph F. Verderber
7 Compliance Techniques: Getting People to Say Yes Shelley E. Taylor, Letitia Anne Peplau, and David O. Sears
8 Lizzie Borden James Kirby Martin and others
9 Nonverbal Communication Anthony F. Grasha
10 Preindustrial Cities Rodney Stark

PART III: For Further Study

1 Combined-Skills Tests
2 Propaganda Six mastery tests
3 More About Argument: Errors in Reasoning
4 Writing Assignments