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Drug Calculations Online to Accompany Clinical Calculations

Drug Calculations Online to Accompany Clinical Calculations - 04 edition

Drug Calculations Online to Accompany Clinical Calculations - 04 edition

ISBN13: 9780323026307

ISBN10: 0323026303

Drug Calculations Online to Accompany Clinical Calculations by Joyce Kee - ISBN 9780323026307
Edition: 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: C.V. Mosby Co.
International: No
Drug Calculations Online to Accompany Clinical Calculations by Joyce Kee - ISBN 9780323026307

ISBN13: 9780323026307

ISBN10: 0323026303

Edition: 04
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This online drug calculations course consists of 11 modules corresponding to the parent text, Kee Clinical Calculations, 5th Edition. Through the online Evolve course management system, this learning tool serves as a complete drug calculations program to teach and reinforce good math skills. Because each module works with the textbook, students can read chapter content and then apply and practice what they have learned online through repetition, practice problems, animations, and interactive activities. Available as a package with the text for student savings.

Key Features

  • This online course provides extensive math instruction to help students master the basic skills needed to accurately and effectively calculate drug dosages.
  • The content includes all four major drug calculation methods (ratio & proportion, formula, fractional equation, and dimensional analysis) to expose the user to all calculation methods, so they can choose their preferred method.
  • Each module is organized by topic sections that include an overview, objectives, a reading assignment, example problems, practice problems, and quizzes.
  • All of the math practice problems include Solution Buttons for each of the four drug calculation methods, giving the user a step-by-step tutorial for solving the problem.
  • Animations are used throughout the course to demonstrate various concepts related to drug administration.
  • Interactive self-assessment activities such as matching, sequencing, labeling, and multiple select activities, similar to the types of questions now seen on the NCLEX® examination, allow students to apply their knowledge in context.
  • Engaging audio commentary enhances the step-by-step explanation of math skills and drug calculation methods, in addition to livening up instruction and discussion.
  • Quizzes within each module allow students to test their knowledge of all major topics covered in that particular section.
  • Comprehensive test bank is included to help the instructor build quizzes and tests.
  • Information on the latest drug administration techniques and devices includes detailed explanations of oral, intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous, and various other routes used in drug administration.
  • Material on the most up-to-date, commonly used drugs provides exposure to what is being used in the real world of clinical practice.
  • Information on infusion pumps helps users understand their increasing role in drug administration.

Author Bio

Kee, Joyce LeFever : University of Delaware

Joyce LeFever Kee, RN, MS, Associate Professor Emerita, College of Health and Nursing Sciences, Department of Nursing, University of Delaware, Newark, DE.

Adams, Carmen : Boise State University

Carmen Adams, RN, MSN, Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, Boise State University, Boise, ID.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Introductory Math - Basic math concepts - Roman numerals - Fractions - Decimals - Number system

2. Measurement Systems and Conversions Between Measurement Systems - Metric - Apothecary - Household systems - Converting within and between systems

3. Drug Calculations Methods - Basic formula - Ratio/proportion - Fractional equation and dimensional analysis

4. Principles of Medication Administration - Medication administration - Understanding medication orders - Medication administration records - Reading medication labels

5. Forms of Medication Administration - Calculation of oral medications - Enteral medications - Parenteral medications - Insulin forms

6. Percentages - Percentages and percents of solution

7. Alternate Methods of Drug Administration - Trans-dermal patch - Inhalation - Nasal spray - Eye drops/ointments - Ear drops

8. Critical Care Calculations - Terminology associated with nomogram and titration - The common units of measure for the medication in solution - Determine the concentration of a medication in solution and determine infusion rates

9. Pediatric and Pediatric Critical Care Calculations - Factors influencing medication administration - Identify two methods of drug calculation for the pediatric patient - Identify conversion parameters from adult medication dosages to pediatric medication dosages - Identify factors influencing intravenous medication in the pediatric client

10. Labor and Delivery Calculations - Factors influencing fluids and drug management - Titration of medications - Principles of loading doses and fluid bolus

11. Community Calculations - Metric to household conversions - Preparing solution of a desired concentration - Home infusion therapy