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Drugs in Modern Society

Drugs in Modern Society - 4th edition

Drugs in Modern Society - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780697222978

ISBN10: 0697222977

Drugs in Modern Society by Charles Carroll - ISBN 9780697222978
Edition: 4TH 96
Copyright: 1996
Publisher: Brown Benchmark (Benchmark Press)
International: No
Drugs in Modern Society by Charles Carroll - ISBN 9780697222978

ISBN13: 9780697222978

ISBN10: 0697222977

Edition: 4TH 96

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In Drugs in Modern Society, Fourth Edition, Charles R. Carroll offers a non-judgmental, research-based examination of each drug classification. The text emphasizes education as the best means for preventing and solving societal and individual drug problems.
Increased coverage of cultural, social, and economic influences provides insight into drug use patterns.
Chapter 4 contains new information on co-dependency, family dynamics, and fetal alcohol syndrome for an in-depth look at alcohol effects.
Now includes newly adopted criteria for substance dependence as specified in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV).
Contemporary new topics include: red wine consumption as linked to heart disease; designer drugs; anti-smoking laws; new forms of heroin; medical uses of marijuana; and more.
At Issue Boxes present opposing sides of controversial topics to stimulate critical thinking and classroom discussion.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part 1 Introduction

1 Drugs, Drinks, and Medications

Drug Problems USA
Basic Definitions/Drug Classifications
Drug Problems: Health-Related Consequences
The Drug Scene: An Overview
The Drug Scene: Prospects for the Future
Drug Use and Abuse Among Women
Drug Use and Abuse Among Athletes
Drug Use and Abuse Among the Elderly

2 The Allure of Drugs

Origins of Drug-Taking Behavior
A Drug for Every Ailment
Rebellion Against the Establishment
Using and Abusing Drugs: A Behavioral Analysis
Predisposing Factors in the Use and Abuse of Drugs
Enabling Factors in the Use and Abuse of Drugs
Reinforcing Factors in the Use and Abuse of Drugs
The Family's Influence on Drug Abuse
Theories on Drug Abuse and Dependence

3 Pharmacology

How Drugs Enter the Body
Drug Actions
Factors Influencing Drug Actions
The Nervous System
The Brain
Drugs and Other Body Systems
Drug Dependence
The Placebo Effect

Part 2 The Depressants

4 Alcohol: Drinking, Alcohol Abuse, and Alcoholism

Alcohol in Society
Historical and Cultural Aspects
Attitudes toward Drinking
Personal and Social Uses of Alcohol
Alcoholic Beverages
Short-Term Effects of Alcohol
Long-Term Effects of Alcohol
Problem Drinking: Personal and Social Aspects
The Family and Problem Drinking
Treatment and Rehabilitation
Reduction of Problem Drinking: Personal Actions

5 Narcotics: Oproid Analgesics

General Characteristics of Narcotics
Narcotics of Natural Origin
Semisynthetic Narcotics
Synthetic Narcotics
Historical and Legal Perspectives
Treatment of Narcotic-Dependent Individuals

6 Sedative-Hypnotics: The Other Depressants

Drugs that Calm and Promote Sleep
Motivational Factors in Misuse and Abuse
General Characteristics
Historical Perspectives
Nonbarbiturate Sedative-Hypnotics
Self-Care for Inducing Sleep
Minor Tranquilizers: Antianxiety Agents

Part 3 The Stimulants

7 Tobacco: Persistent Threat to Health

Use of Tobacco: Questions and Issues
Patterns and Trends of Tobacco Use
Personal Use vs. The Nonsmoker
Psychological Aspects of Smoking
Factors in Smoking Behavior
Health Consequences of Smoking
Nicotine Addition
Passive Smoking
Smoking and Cardiovascular Disease
Smoking and Lung Cancer
Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease
Smokeless Tobacco
Rewards vs. Risks
Reducing the Risks

8 Cocaine and Other "Chemical Uppers"

Chemical Uppers
General Effects of Behavioral Stimulants
Patterns of Using Cocaine
Effects of Cocaine

Part 4 The Mind-Expanding Euphoriants

9 Psychedelics and Phencyclidine

The Psychedelic State: Mind Expansion
Types of Psychedelic Experiences
Historical Aspects
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
The Other Psychedelics

10 Marijuana: Unique and Controversial

Marijuana: A Brief Description
Historical and Legal Aspects of Marijuana
The Current Scene
Marijuana and THC
The Marijuana High
Behavioral and Psychosocial Effects
Chronic Effects: Areas of Concern
Medical Uses of Marijuana

Part 5 Medicines

11 Over-the-Counter Drugs

Our Fascination with Drugs
Over-the-Counter vs. Prescribed Drugs
Classifications of OTC Drugs
Weight-Control Products
Cold Remedies
Sleep Aids
Safety and Effectiveness of OTC Drugs

12 Prescription Drugs

Prescribed Drugs: Potent Chemotherapeutic Agents
Prescriptions and Drug Labels
Using Prescribed Drugs Wisely
Frequently Used Prescription Drugs
Prescription Drug Classes
Side Effects and Adverse Reactions of Prescribed Drugs
Drug Information for Patients
Generic Drug

Part 6 Prevention of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Problems

13 Drug Abuse Prevention

Prevention: The War Against Drugs
General Strategies of Preventing Drug Abuse
Public Health Model of Abuse Prevention
Intervention Levels of Abuse Prevention
Substance Abuse in the Workplace
Drug Law Enforcement
Alternative Behaviors as Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention
Responsible Use as Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention
The Role of The Family

14 Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Prevention Education

Basic Considerations: The What and Why of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Prevention Education
Planning Strategies: The How of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Education
Resources for ATOD Education
School Policies on Alcohol and Other Drugs

* All chapters include Key Terms, Chapter Objectives, Introduction, Chapter Summary, Review Questions and Activities, and References section.