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Early Childhood Education : Developmental/Experiential Learning

Early Childhood Education : Developmental/Experiential Learning - 4th edition

Early Childhood Education : Developmental/Experiential Learning - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780023279232

ISBN10: 0023279230

Early Childhood Education : Developmental/Experiential Learning by Susan Day - ISBN 9780023279232
Edition: 4TH 94
Copyright: 1994
Publisher: Merrill Education/Prentice Hall
International: No
Early Childhood Education : Developmental/Experiential Learning by Susan Day - ISBN 9780023279232

ISBN13: 9780023279232

ISBN10: 0023279230

Edition: 4TH 94

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This comprehensive introduction to early childhood education for 4- to 8-year-olds offers comprehensive, wide-ranging treatment of developmentally appropriate learning centers. Major emphasis throughout the coverage is on organizing and managing a developmentally appropriate environment that works for all young children, including those with special needs. Curriculum organizational components and classroom management strategies are examined; along with rationale, objectives, materials, activities, and experiences for all curriculum areas. This edition features clearly-written chapter introductions that cite works by noted authorities to provide a philosophical and theoretical foundation for suggested methods. Practical instructions are given for setting up learning centers, and a variety of activities are suggested that foster creative, cooperative interaction between early childhood caregivers and the children in their charge.

Includes guidelines for setting up in-classroom learning centers; as well as suggestions for activities and for teacher-made learning materials to enhance every curriculum area.

In-depth presentation of curriculum organization and classroom management topics provides future teachers with a blueprint for successfully managing the learning environment.

Provides information on materials, activities, objectives, and outcomes for learning centers in each of the curriculum areas covered in the text through an index of learning centers.

Offers a wealth of suggestions for remedial activities and resources for assessment, including authentic/alternative assessment (Ch. 3).

Pedagogical features include chapter objectives, suggested readings, boxed features, key terms lists, a glossary, and a bibliography.

Expands material on learning centers such as the Communication center, the Outdoor Play center, the Social Studies center, and the Science and Mathematics center.

Contains a new chapter on the history of early childhood education presenting an overview of historical, philosophical, and sociological perspectives.

A new chapter on technology in the early childhood curriculum emphasizes the integration of technology into the curriculum through experiences that enhance the educational process. Included are examples of children's work using computers and of computer use in assessment.

Includes the latest findings on the use of authentic/alternative assessment through expanded treatment of evaluation, assessment, and recording learning.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Overview: Developmental/Experiential Learning.
1. Early Childhood Education: An Historical Perspective.
2. Guiding Child Behavior/Organizing and Managing the Learning Environment.
3. Evaluating, Assessing and Recording Developmentally Appropriate Learning.


4. Communication: The Language Arts.
5. The Fine Arts.
6. Home Living and Creative Dramatics.
7. Investigation in Science and Mathematics.
8. People and Places: The Social Studies/A Multi-Cultural Emphasis.
9. Sand and Water Play.
10. Blocks.
11. Woodworking.
12. Technology/Computer-Enhanced Learning.
13. Movement.
14. Outdoor Play.
15. Early Childhood Classroom Designs.