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Earth : Portrait of a Planet - With CD

Earth : Portrait of a Planet - With CD - 01 edition

Earth : Portrait of a Planet - With CD - 01 edition

ISBN13: 9780393974232

ISBN10: 0393974235

Earth : Portrait of a Planet - With CD by Stephen Marshak - ISBN 9780393974232
Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co.
International: No
Earth : Portrait of a Planet - With CD by Stephen Marshak - ISBN 9780393974232

ISBN13: 9780393974232

ISBN10: 0393974235

Edition: 01

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Since 1960, there have been two major theoretical advances in the Earth sciences: the theory of plate tectonics and the advent of Earth systems science. Stephen Marshak's beautifully written and illustrated new text is the first to incorporate both of these discoveries from its inception. Earth: Portrait of a Planet covers all the topics of a traditional physical geology course, but also includes such topics as historical geology, environmental geology, the Earth's resources, the oceans and atmosphere, cosmology, and global change. What results is a fascinating, comprehensive "portrait" of planet Earth.

Features :

  • Early Introduction to Plate Tectonics
  • Earth: Portrait of a Planet breaks new ground with its early and complete presentation of plate tectonics, the fundamental paradigm of modern geology. By introducing plate tectonics early, all subsequent chapters and key topics can be linked to this essential concept.

  • Comprehensive Treatment of Earth Systems Science
  • Earth systems science--the name given to the understanding that the planet's atmosphere, water systems, land, and living inhabitants are interconnected--receives thorough coverage throughout the text. Several chapters are devoted to the topic: An Envelope of Gas: Earth's Atmosphere and Climate, Streams and Floods: The Geology of Running Water, Amazing Ice: Glaciers and Ice Ages, and Global Change in the Earth System.

  • Spectacular Art Program
  • Prize-winning geology artist Gary Hincks has prepared an original two-page painting for nearly every chapter in the book. Hincks' art successfully integrates a number of diverse topics, and each piece gives the students a memorable picture of what's been covered in the chapter.

  • Coverage of the History of the Earth and of Life
  • New insights into the evolution of life and its connection to the evolution of the Earth itself are reflected in Part IV, which contains chapter-length coverage of fossils, deep time, and the history of the Earth. This section includes topics like mass extinctions, the birth of the Earth's oxygen-rich atmosphere, and the Precambrian explosion of complex life.

  • Emphasis on Environmental Hazards
  • Earth: Portrait of a Planet provides students with insight into important problems that affect their lives and the health of the planet. The text explains dangerous geologic hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods and explores other relevant issues such as global warming, waste management, and the effects of pollution.

Author Bio

Marshak, Stephen : University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Stephen Marshak is Professor of Geology and chairman of the Geology Department at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University and a B.S. from Cornell University. Dr. Marshak's research interests lie in the fields of structural geology and tectonics. He is the outgoing president of the Division of Structural Geology and Tectonics of the Geological Society of America. Dr. Marshak is also the coauthor of Basic Methods of Structural Geology.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I Our Island in Space

Chapter 1 Cosmology and the Birth of Earth
Chapter 2 Journey to the Center of the Earth
Chapter 3 Drifting Continents and Spreading Seas
Chapter 4 The Way the Earth Works: Plate Tectonics

Part II Earth Materials

Chapter 5 Patterns in Nature: Minerals
Interlude A Rock Groups
Chapter 6 Up from the Inferno: Magma and Igneous Rocks
Chapter 7 A Surface Veneer: Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks
Chapter 8 Change in the Solid State: Metamorphic Rocks
Interlude B The Rock Cycle

Part III Tectonic Activity of a Dynamic Planet

Chapter 9 The Wrath of Vulcan: Volcanic Eruptions
Chapter 10 A Violent Pulse: Earthquakes
Interlude C Seeing Inside the Earth
Chapter 11 Crags, Cracks, and Crumples: Crustal Deformation and Mountain Building

Part IV History Before History

Interlude D Memories of Past Life: Fossils and Evolution
Chapter 12 Deep Time: How Old Is Old?
Chapter 13 A Biography of Earth

Part V Earth Resources

Chapter 14 Squeezing Power from a Stone: Energy Resources
Chapter 15 Riches in Rock: Mineral Resources

Part VI Processes and Problems at the Earth's Surface

Interlude E Landscape Formation and the Hydrologic Cycle
Chapter 16 Unsafe Ground: Landslides and Other Mass Movements
Chapter 17 Streams and Floods: The Geology of Running Water
Chapter 18 Restless Realm: Oceans and Their Coasts
Chapter 19 A Hidden Reserve: Groundwater
Chapter 20 An Envelope of Gas: Earth's Atmosphere and Climate
Chapter 21 Dry Regions: The Geology of Deserts
Chapter 22 Amazing Ice: Glaciers and Ice Ages
Chapter 23 Global Change: Evolution and the Earth System

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Earth : Portrait of a Planet - Text Only by Stephen Marshak - ISBN 9780393925029