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Ecology and Behavior

Ecology and Behavior - 11th edition

Ecology and Behavior - 11th edition

ISBN13: 9780495125747

ISBN10: 0495125741

Ecology and Behavior by Cecie Starr and Ralph Taggart - ISBN 9780495125747
Edition: 11TH 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.
International: No
Ecology and Behavior by Cecie Starr and Ralph Taggart - ISBN 9780495125747

ISBN13: 9780495125747

ISBN10: 0495125741

Edition: 11TH 06

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This brief and specialized book is designed for general non-major biology courses and includes coverage of population ecology, communities, ecosystems, biosphere, human impact on the biosphere, and animal behavior. ECOLOGY AND BEHAVIOR covers Unit II form Biology: The Unity And Diversity Of Life, Tenth Edition. Research has given us a better understanding of the interconnectedness of molecular biology, structure, function, and evolution. In this Tenth Edition, Starr and Taggart take that important connection out of the research realm and actually interweave these insights into the text. These unifying biological concepts encourage student understanding instead of memorization.

With this background, students are better prepared to understand the power of comparative molecular studies in clarifying ecological relationships. The accompanying improvements in the media package meet the high standards instructors and students have come to expect from the Starr and Taggart media package. Students automatically receive a new version of the complimentary Interactive Concepts in Biology CD-ROM (featuring nearly 800 interactions to clarify and reinforce text concepts), and four months free access to InfoTrac® College Edition (featuring full text articles from 4,000 periodicals). Also available is engage online, which provides a rich online version of the text plus, animations and learning resources for every chapter. The instructor package includes a Multimedia Manager presentation tool with art and graphics from the text, as well as CNN® Today video clips (294 in all)--now available digitally as well as on video.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Concepts and Methods In Biology

I Principles of Cellular Life

2. Chemical Foundations for Cells
3. Carbon Compounds In Cells
4. Cell Structure and Function
5. A Closer Look at Cell Membranes
6. Ground Rules of Metabolism
7. How Cells Acquire Energy
8. How Cells Release Stored Energy

II Principles of Inheritance

9. Cell Division and Mitosis
10. Meiosis
11. Observable Patterns of Inheritance
12. Human Genetics
13. DNA Structure and Function
14. From DNA to Proteins
15. Controls Over Genes
16. Recombinant DNA and Genetic Engineering

III Principles of Evolution

17. Microevolution
18. Speciation
19. The Macroevolutionary Puzzle
20. The Origin and Evolution of Life

IV Evolution and Biodiversity

21. Prokaryotes and Viruses
22. Protistans
23. Plants
24. Fungi
25. Animals: The Invertebrates
26. Animals: The Vertebrates
27. Biodiversity in Perspective
Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
28. How Plants and Animals Work

V Plant Structure and Function

29. Plant Tissues
30. Plant Nutrition and Transport
31. Plant Reproduction
32. Plant Growth and Development

VI Animal Structure and Function

33. Animal Tissues and Organ Systems
34. Integration and Control: Nervous Systems
35. Sensory Reception
36. Integration and Control: Endocrine Systems
37. Protection, Support, and Movement
38. Circulation
39. Immunity
40. Respiration
41. Digestion and Human Nutrition
42. The Internal Environment
43. Principles of Reproduction and Development
44. Human Reproduction and Development

VII Ecology and Behavior

45. Population Ecology
46. Social Interactions
47. Community Interactions
48. Ecosystems
49. The Biosphere
50. Perspective on Humans and the Biosphere