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Economics - 4th edition

Economics - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780132817257

ISBN10: 013281725X

Economics by R. Glenn Hubbard - ISBN 9780132817257
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 4TH 13
Copyright: 2013
Publisher: Pearson
International: No
Economics by R. Glenn Hubbard - ISBN 9780132817257

ISBN13: 9780132817257

ISBN10: 013281725X

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 4TH 13

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Learn economics through real business examples.

Hubbard/O'Brien explains the basics of economics by demonstrating how real businesses use economics to make real decisions everyday. This is something all readers can connect to, as they encounter businesses in their daily lives. And regardless of future career path-opening an art studio, doing social work, trading on Wall Street, working for the government, or bartending at the local pub-readers will benefit from understanding the economic forces behind their work.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Part 1: Introduction Chapter 1: Economics: Foundations and Models Chapter 2: Trade-offs, Comparative Advantage, and the Market System Chapter 3: Where Prices Come From: The Interaction of Demand and Supply Chapter 4: Economic Efficiency, Government Price Setting, and Taxes Part 2: Markets in Action Chapter 5: Externalities, Environmental Policy, and Public Goods Chapter 6: Elasticity: The Responsiveness of Demand and Supply Part 3: Firms in the Domestic and International Economies Chapter 7: The Economics of Health Care Chapter 8: Firms, the Stock Market, and Corporate Governance Part 4: Microeconomic Foundations: Consumers and Firms Chapter 9: Comparative Advantage and the Gains from International Trade Chapter 10: Consumer Choice and Behavioral Economics Part 5: Market Structure and Firm Strategy Chapter 11: Technology, Production, and Costs Chapter 12: Firms in Perfectly Competitive Markets Chapter 13: Monopolistic Competition: The Competitive Model in a More Realistic Setting Chapter 14: Oligopoly: Firms in Less Competitive Markets Chapter 15: Monopoly and Antitrust Policy Part 6: Markets for Factors of Production Chapter 16: Pricing Strategy Part 7: Information, Taxes, and the Distribution of Income Chapter 17: The Markets for Labor and Other Factors of Production Chapter 18: Public Choice, Taxes, and the Distribution of Income Part 8: Macroeconomic Foundations and Long-Run Growth Chapter 19: GDP: Measuring Total Production and Income Chapter 20: Unemployment and Inflation Chapter 21: Economic Growth, the Financial System, and Business Cycles Chapter 22: Long-Run Economic Growth: Sources and Policies Part 9: Short-Run Fluctuations Chapter 23: Aggregate Expenditure and Output in the Short Run Chapter 24: Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Analysis Part 10: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Chapter 25: Money, Banks, and the Federal Reserve System Chapter 26: Monetary Policy Chapter 27: Fiscal Policy Chapter 28: Inflation, Unemployment, and Federal Reserve Policy Part 11: The International Economy Chapter 29: Macroeconomics in an Open Economy Chapter 30: The International Financial System

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