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Educational Foundations : An Anthology

Educational Foundations : An Anthology - 2nd edition

Educational Foundations : An Anthology - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780130987464

ISBN10: 0130987468

Educational Foundations : An Anthology by Roselle K. Chartock - ISBN 9780130987464
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Merrill Education/Prentice Hall
International: No
Educational Foundations : An Anthology by Roselle K. Chartock - ISBN 9780130987464

ISBN13: 9780130987464

ISBN10: 0130987468

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 04

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For Introduction to Foundations of Education and Introduction to Teaching courses.

This very readable text includes dozens of excerpts from novels, biographies, memoirs, lectures, essays, plays, poetry, and songs that explore all of the themes traditionally addressed in the foundations course--history, philosophy, politics and sociology of education, the nature of schools, and the teaching profession. This collection of fiction and non-fiction is divided into six themes, and each section begins with a Norman Rockwell painting that helps readers visualize the theme. Through this interdisciplinary approach, future teachers receive the critical information they need in their chosen profession, bringing to life the message that education is, ultimately, all about people.

Features :

  • NEW - An annotated Table of Contents--With a brief description of each selection.
  • Assists instructors to quickly identify each selection's relevance to their course objectives--helps identify selections that shed light on specific challenges students may face in their future classrooms.

  • NEW - Placement of Teacher Behavior, Teacher Roles: Teacher Ethics and Experiences (former Chapter 6) at the beginning of the text.
  • Grabs students' attention with contemporary scenarios with which they can more easily identify--helps pull them into the text before they tackle more demanding historical perspectives.

  • NEW - Two new selections in Chapter 2.
  • Expands the depth and breadth of historical selections--updates the timeline of influential people and events, and offers a fresh perspective on the evolution of educational systems.

  • NEW - Numerous new selections throughout the anthology.
  • Provides readers with a broad range of opinions, scenarios, and perspectives on education--addresses a wide range of topics and issues, especially controversial events, movements, and mandates.

  • NEW - A children's literature excerpt in Chapter 6--Examines diversity in a particularly broad context.
  • Expands readers' notions of diversity beyond race, religion, and ethnicity to also encompass children with learning challenges and physical disabilities.
  • NEW - Use of a Norman Rockwell painting--As the first selection in each chapter.
  • Helps students visualize the chapter's theme--stimulates questions about the chapter's topic and fosters peer interaction around the selections.

  • NEW - Two appendices--One for instructors and one for students.
  • Provides instructors with approaches for using the text as either a primary vehicle or supplemental text--gives students an outline of a lesson plan and a sample lesson plan to assist them in making presentations.

  • NEW - Two additions to Ch. 1--Lists of professional standards for teachers and effective teaching behaviors.
  • Provides a guide for students as they prepare to teach.

  • A comprehensive instructional narrative--At the start of each chapter.
  • Helps students to place chapter selections in context--explains the theme and offers useful background information.

  • A concluding activity--Having each reader write an account of his or her personal educational experiences.
  • Reminds students of the knowledge about the text's themes that they have garnered as participant-observers of education in America.

  • Questions for Discussion and Debate and Activities and Projects --At the end of each excerpt.
  • Involves readers in each selection through such things as interviews, dramatizations, and debates--helping subjects come alive, and thereby become more meaningful.

  • Chapter References and Additional Readings --After each chapter.
  • Provides opportunities for self-research into chapter themes--offers resources from printed materials and the Internet for in-class discussions and assignments, as well as for completing text activities.

Author Bio

Chartock, Roselle K. : Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Teacher Behavior, Teacher Roles: Teacher Ethics and Experiences.
2. Historical Perspectives.
3. Philosophical Foundations: Approaches to Curriculum Development.
4. The Politics of Education: School Governance, School Funding, and Legal Issues.
5. School Environments.
6. Living and Learning in a Diverse Society: Sociology of Education.

Appendix A: Debate Format: Learning through Teamwork and Formal Argument.
Appendix B: How to Use This Text: Two Suggested Approaches.
Appendix C: Lesson Plan Outline and Sample Plan.
Name Index.
Subject Index.

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Educational Foundations : An Anthology by Roselle  Ed. Chartock - ISBN 9780136601760