Educational Psychology - With 2 CDs 7th edition (9780132227421) -
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Educational Psychology - With 2 CDs

Educational Psychology - With 2 CDs - 7th edition

Educational Psychology - With 2 CDs - 7th edition

ISBN13: 9780132227421

ISBN10: 0132227428

Educational Psychology - With 2 CDs by Paul Eggen and Donald P. Kauchak - ISBN 9780132227421
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 7TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Merrill Education/Prentice Hall
International: No
Educational Psychology - With 2 CDs by Paul Eggen and Donald P. Kauchak - ISBN 9780132227421

ISBN13: 9780132227421

ISBN10: 0132227428

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 7TH 07
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Exceptionally Applied. A central goal of this text is to help its readers use educational psychology concepts in their work as teachers. All chapters begin with an extended case study that is integrated into the chapter and elaborated on as the chapter develops. The video clips on the Analyzing Classroom Video DVDs allow students to analyze the clips relating to the concepts and principles discussed in the text. Chapters end with another case and questions that offer students opportunities to apply chapter content to classroom settings and to practice answering test items to prepare them for the Praxis exam. Features such as Classroom Connections and Instructional Principles lay out guidelines for applying key chapter content to real-life classrooms.

Identifies and Reinforces Key Ideas in Every Chapter. The text's new pedagogical structure helps students clearly focus on every chapter's big ideas and key concepts. In the beginning of the chapter, the learning objectives are aligned with the chapter outline so that the key ideas are clearly presented and easy to identify. Checking Your Understanding questions at the end of every section are aligned with the learning objectives and reinforce the big ideas of the section. Students can assess their understanding of the chapter content with the feedback provided in Appendix B. Finally, the chapter summary is organized around the concrete learning objectives, reinforcing the key ideas presented in the chapter.

Prepares Students for Their Own Classroom. Automatically packaged with each new copy of this text is the Teacher Preparation website - a new, innovative, and engaging website that is organized around the major courses pre-service teachers take. The Teacher Prep site includes an online video library with more then 150 video clips; over 200 student and teacher classroom artifacts; over 500 research articles from ASCD's renowned journal Educational Leadership; and Licensure and Career tools devoted to helping students pass their licensure exam, learn standards and public policies, and plan a teaching portfolio. Integrated throughout the text in many of the Exploring Further margin notes, this site equips students with the quality tools needed to excel in their courses and prepare them for their first classroom.

Expanded with Key Content Changes. This new edition offers expanded coverage in technology, models of instruction, diversity, and social context. Key changes include: a new Chapter 14 addressing ''Learning and Instruction and Technology,'' a new section in Chapter 13 addressing models of instruction, increased coverage of diversity in urban, suburban and rural schools, and increased coverage of social constructivism in Chapter 8.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Educational Psychology: Developing a Professional Knowledge Base

PART I. The Learner

Chapter 2. The Development of Cognition and Language
Chapter 3. Personal, Social, and Emotional Development
Chapter 4. Group and Individual Differences
Chapter 5. Learners with Exceptionalities

PART II. Learning

Chapter 6. Behaviorism and Social Cognitive Theory
Chapter 7. Cognitive Views of Learning
Chapter 8. Constructing Knowledge
Chapter 9. Complex Cognitive Processes

Part III. Classroom Processes

Chapter 10. Theories of Motivation
Chapter 11. Motivation in the Classroom
Chapter 12. Creating Productive Learning Environments: Classroom Management
Chapter 13. Creating Productive Learning Environments: Principles and Models of Instruction
Chapter 14. Learning and Instruction and Technology
Chapter 15. Assessing Classroom Learning
Chapter 16. Assessment Through Standardized Testing