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Educational Research: An Introduction

Educational Research: An Introduction - 8th edition

Educational Research: An Introduction - 8th edition

ISBN13: 9780205488490

ISBN10: 0205488498

Educational Research: An Introduction by Meredith D. Gall, Joyce P. Gall and Walter R. Borg - ISBN 9780205488490
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 8TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Educational Research: An Introduction by Meredith D. Gall, Joyce P. Gall and Walter R. Borg - ISBN 9780205488490

ISBN13: 9780205488490

ISBN10: 0205488498

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 8TH 07
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Educational Research: An Introduction, Eighth Edition, is the most comprehensive and widely respected text for scholars and graduate-level students who need to understand educational research in depth and conduct original research for a dissertation or thesis.

A complete introduction to the major research methods and types of data analysis used today, this text provides detailed coverage of all facets of research, from the epistemology of quantitative and qualitative scientific inquiry to the design, data collection, analysis, and reporting of a completed study.


  • The book's 18 chapters provide thorough coverage of concepts, methods, and issues found in the practice and literature of educational research.
  • Research techniques are described in depth to assist students in designing a sound masters or doctoral study that will stand up to critical scrutiny.
  • Published research studies covering a wide range of educational topics are used throughout the book to illustrate important concepts and procedures.
  • Each new research term introduced in a chapter is boldfaced and defined. All such terms are also defined in the book's glossary.
  • ''Touchstones in Research'' are placed in the margins of each chapter to conveniently guide the reader to books, articles, and other sources that provide additional discussion of important topics.
  • A list of recommendations for applying chapter concepts and techniques to the design and conduct of a study is located at the end of each chapter (except Ch. 1).
  • Each chapter concludes with a self-check test to help readers assess their understanding of the concepts and procedures that it covers. An answer key is provided at the end of the book.
  • A revised "Proposal Writing Guidebook" to help graduate students in the critical planning stages of a research study is available with this book.
  • An online instructors manual, which includes guidelines for course design, a file of closed-form and open-form test items keyed to the chapter objectives, application problems, and teaching activities.

New To This Edition

  • New or revised sections on important topics such as hierarchical linear modeling, mixed methods research, the increasingly diverse range of genres and emphasis on justice-seeking perspectives in qualitative research, policies for protection of human subjects, the establishment of the Institute of Education Sciences, and changes in the ERIC system.
  • Illustration of research concepts and procedures by describing their use in recently published studies on such contemporary educational problems as the achievement gap, diversity in education, curriculum standards, and school accountability.
  • All citations checked and updated to reflect new book editions and authoritative recent publications on key topics.
  • Reorganization of selected chapters to improve topic organization and comprehension.