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Effective Communication for Colleges / With CD

Effective Communication for Colleges / With CD - 10th edition

Effective Communication for Colleges / With CD - 10th edition

ISBN13: 9780324272710

ISBN10: 0324272715

Effective Communication for Colleges / With CD by Clarice Pennebaker Brantley and Michele Goulet Miller - ISBN 9780324272710
Cover type: Spiral
Edition: 10TH 05
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: South-Western Publishing Co.
International: No
Effective Communication for Colleges / With CD by Clarice Pennebaker Brantley and Michele Goulet Miller - ISBN 9780324272710

ISBN13: 9780324272710

ISBN10: 0324272715

Cover type: Spiral
Edition: 10TH 05

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Effective Communication for Colleges, 10e, follows and promotes the highly successful Communication byObjectives (CBO) approach, a nononsense process for preparing messages. The CBO approach provides an essential framework for preparing messages and enables users to grasp principles of effective messages quickly and easily.


  • NEW!-Student CDROM: Available FREE with every new copy of the book. The CD includes practice questions, PowerPoint? reviews, additional case studies, Ethics in Action cases, and Reference Guide reinforcement exercises.
  • Examples and illustrations: Show communication principles in action.
  • Exercises: Support chapter content by offering a variety of activities to strengthen writing, speaking, reading, listening, and signaling skills. Case Studies present communication situations likely to be encountered in the workplace.
  • Communication Skills Development: A two part activity at the end of each chapter, reviews and reinforces grammar and spelling.
  • Reference Guide: An intext resource, covers essential grammar, word usage, and source format guidelines. Format Guide offers samples of annotated memorandums, letters, and envelopes.
  • BrantleyMiller Support Web Site: Supplies Ethics in Action cases and other helpful resources.
  • NEW!-Communication Perspectives: Prepared by business professionals and community leaders, open each chapter and add personal insight into the realworld application of effective communication principles.
  • NEW!-TechLinks: Strengthen Internet search abilities and reinforce chapter communication principles. Exercises include InfoTrac (online library) research. WebTutor Advantage, an online program, may be purchased.
  • NEW!-Checklists: Serve as quick, convenient message evaluation tools.
  • NEW!-Video Clips: The Instructor's Resource CD contains all new video clips for classroom use. The videos are part of the Small Business School video series and will contain several 35 minute clips with accompanying discussion questions with answers and case information.
  • Annotated Instructor's Edition: Provides the complete test package with solutions, sample solutions for most exercises and case studies, chapter master charts, and other useful supplemental material for easy inclass reference.
  • Communication By Objectives: The highly successful CBO approach continues to have success with students of all backgrounds and ages. This concise and straightforward approach is the best tool your students can have for successful business communication.
  • Timely Tips: Offer helpful tidbits of communication and career information.
  • Culture Frames and Culture Views: Broaden communication horizons with meaningful glimpses into international environments. Each chapter hosts a different country.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Partners for Effective Communication
2. The Six Cs of Effective Messages
3. The Communication-by-Objectives Approach
4. Technology and Electronic Communication


5. Good New and Neutral News Messages
6. Bad News Messages
7. Persuasive Messages
8. Job Searches, Resumes, and Cover Letters
9. Applications, Interviews, and Follow-Up Messages
10. Visuals and Presentations
11. Reports, Proposals, and Instructions for the Workplace

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