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En Contacto : Gram?tica en acci?n - With 2 CDs

En Contacto : Gram?tica en acci?n - With 2 CDs - 8th edition

En Contacto : Gram?tica en acci?n - With 2 CDs - 8th edition

ISBN13: 9781413013771

ISBN10: 1413013775

En Contacto : Gram?tica en acci?n - With 2 CDs by Mary McVey Gill, Brenda Wegmann and Teresa Mndez-Faith - ISBN 9781413013771
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 8TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Heinle & Heinle Publishers, Inc.
International: No
En Contacto : Gram?tica en acci?n - With 2 CDs by Mary McVey Gill, Brenda Wegmann and Teresa Mndez-Faith - ISBN 9781413013771

ISBN13: 9781413013771

ISBN10: 1413013775

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 8TH 07

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EN CONTACTO: GRAMÁTICA EN ACCIÓN is a best-selling intermediate Spanish program designed to put the English-speaking learner in touch with contemporary Hispanic culture through its language and literature. The program stresses communication and, when used with the LECTURAS INTERMEDIAS volume, emphasizes the acquisition of reading skills and text comprehension.


  • NEW! Two new chapter themes have been added (En busca de la felicidad and Amor y amistad) with dynamic new discussion/writing topics and many new activities.
  • Exciting text-tied video segments relate to chapter theme and content as they take students to Spanish-speaking countries. Videos include close-up interviews with native professionals in unique cultural settings.
  • Solid grammar explanations which are personalized and contextualized, are easy for students to understand.
  • Functional vocabulary presentations focus on high-frequency words in a clear sequence and not overwhelming students with words they may never need.
  • Following each grammar presentation, "Prácticas" encourage creative use of the targeted structures through open-ended activities.
  • The "En contacto" section provides games, and pair and group activities for additional speaking opportunities that recycle vocabulary and grammar. A guided "Composición" gets students to put it all in writing.
  • The Annotated Instructor's Edition provides answers for in-text exercises and activities plus helpful teaching suggestions on presenting material, expands on in-text activities, and provides cultural insights and special annotations coordinating and cross-referencing GRAMÁTICA EN ACCIÓN with LECTURAS INTERMEDIAS.
  • Each chapter also addresses practical language functions, both in the "Para escuchar" listening segments and in the "En otras palabras" activities.
  • There are many pair and group activities and many more ideas for pair-group work in the annotations, but there is also traditional practice so instructors can use the book in various ways depending on their teaching style.
  • Creative use of margins to include proverbs and insightful quotes extend and deepen exposure to small-c culture in a casual and expeditious way and serve at times for spontaneous use by the teacher as a mood-lifter to change the pace in the class routine.
  • NEW! The composition assignments, "A escribir," are cross-referenced to Atajo 4.0 Writing Assistant Software for Spanish. In many cases there is now more than one option for writing practice while providing new annotations to give instructors assistance in using a true process approach to writing. The emphasis in this section is on exactness and accuracy of expression which will then influence the improvement of students' speaking, listening and reading skills.
  • NEW! The "Presentación del tema" opening sections have been rewritten and/or updated to reflect current world events and introduce new and exciting readings and topics of conversation to appeal to the interests of today's students.
  • NEW! New Internet activities have been added which expand exercises into real and current Spanish topics and context.
  • NEW! Several new Para escuchar segments serve to enhance the listening skills of the students.
  • NEW! EN CONTACTO now has updated state-of-the-art support and enhancement of Internet connections to the text themes and ideas at the program's website. The website brings the wired world into contact with EN CONTACTO for the technically savvy student, and lends support and instruction on this for those who are less savvy and need some help.
  • NEW! Many new pieces of art and realia serve as the basis for activities. These carefully selected photos, humorous cartoons, thought-provoking realia, and charts work well to elicit discussion among students.
  • NEW! Additional communicative activities have been added throughout the text in the "Gramática y vocabulario" sections, and there are many additional annotations for the instructor.
  • The strength of EN CONTACTO is how well the grammar, reader, workbook and video fit together in theme, vocabulary and structures. This creates an environment in which language is repeated, recycled and enhanced both passively and actively to promote language acquisition and increased fluency. This also allows for flexibility and enables the teacher to pick, modify and design their own program.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Presentación del tema. Vocabulario útil: Las fiestas. Para escuchar: En la fiesta. Gramática y vocabulario. Usted lo ha visto: Gustar. Subject Pronouns; The Present Indicative Tense. Vocabulario útil: Algunas actividades del fin de semana. The Present Indicative Tense. Vocabulario útil: Los deportes y otras diversiones. The Personal. Nouns and Articles. Definite and Indefinite Articles. The Reflexive. En otras palabras: Saludos y presentaciones; Para iniciar una conversación. En contacto. Videocultura: Madrid, ciudad que nunca duerme.


Presentación del tema. Vocabulario útil: La familia. Para escuchar: En el autobús. Gramática y vocabulario. The Preterit Tense: Regular Verbs; Use of the Preterit. The Preterit Tense: Irregular Verbs. Vocabulario útil: La vida y la muerte. The Imperfect Tense. The Preterit versus the Imperfect. Hacer + Time Expressions. En otras palabras: Para hablar de la familia; Expresiones de cortesía; Despedidas. En contacto.
Videocultura: La charreada.


Presentación del tema. Vocabulario útil: Inmigrantes y viajeros. Para escuchar: Conversaciones con inmigrantes. Gramática y vocabulario. Agreement of Adjectives; Adjectives Used as Nouns. Position of Adjectives. Ser versus Estar; Ser and Estar with Adjectives. Vocabulario útil: Adjetivos descriptivos. Demonstratives. Possessives. En otras palabras: Para expresar admiración, desaprobración, sorpresa. En contacto. Videocultura: San Antonio y la «Nueva frontera».


Presentación del tema. Vocabulario útil: Amor y amistad. Para escuchar: Dos invitaciones. Gramática y vocabulario. The Future Tense. Usted lo ha visto: Gustar. The Conditional. Vocabulario útil: Comparaciones. Comparisons of Equality. Comparisons of Inequality. Irregular Comparative Forms; the Superlative. En otras palabras: Invitaciones. En contacto. Videocultura: Nina Pacari y los ayllús de Ecuador.


Presentación del tema. Vocabulario útil: Escuela, colegio (liceo) y universidad. Para escuchar: Mensajes telefónicos. Gramática y vocabulario. The Present Subjunctive Mood: Introduction and Formation; the Subjunctive with Impersonal Expressions. Vocabulario útil: La vida universitaria. The Subjunctive with Verbs Indicating Doubt; Emotion; Will, Preference, or Necessity; Approval, Disapproval, or Advice. The Subjunctive versus the Indicative. En otras palabras: Para saludar y despedirse por teléfono; Para pedir y dar permiso y para expresar prohibición. En contacto. Videocultura: El sistema educativo español.


Presentación del tema. Vocabulario útil: Las vacaciones. Para escuchar: En Cartagena. Gramática y vocabulario. Direct Object Pronouns. Indirect Object Pronouns. Vocabulario útil: En el banco. Prepositional Object Pronouns. Two Object Pronouns; Position of Object Pronouns. Commands. Vocabulario útil: Algunas actividades turísticas. Commands with Object Pronouns. En otras palabras: Direcciones y sentidos. En contacto. Videocultura: En la Hostería San Jorge.


Presentación del tema. Vocabulario útil: La música. Para escuchar: En Bogotá. Gramática y vocabulario. Affirmatives and Negatives. Gustar, Faltar, and Similar Verbs. Vocabulario útil: De comidas y bebidas. The Subjunctive in Descriptions of the Unknown or Indefinite. Vocabulario útil: La ropa. The Subjunctive with Certain Adverbial Conjunctions. En otras palabras: Para expresar acuerdo y desacuerdo. En contacto.
Videocultura: El baile flamenco.


Presentación del tema. Vocabulario útil: Aspectos culturales. Para escuchar: Un panorama cultural. Gramática y vocabulario. The Reflexive. Vocabulario útil: La rutina diaria. The Reflexive with Commands. The Reciprocal Reflexive. Vocabulario útil: Saludos y despedidas. The Impersonal Se; The Se for Passive. En otras palabras: La falta de comprensión. En contacto. Videocultura: El chocolate en la cocina mexicana.


Presentación del tema. Vocabulario útil: El medio ambiente. Para escuchar: El ecoturismo y la ecología. Gramática y vocabulario. The Imperfect Subjunctive. If Clauses. Vocabulario útil: Problemas ambientales. Adverbs. The Infinitive. The Verb Acabar. En otras palabras: Para dar consejos; Para expresar compasión o falta de compasión. En contacto. Videocultura: Las mariposas en Ecuador.


Presentación del tema. Vocabulario útil: Imágenes y negocios. Para escuchar: Anuncios comerciales. Gramática y vocabulario. Past Participles as Adjectives. The Perfect Indicative Tenses. Vocabulario útil: Compra y venta. The Present Perfect and Past Perfect Subjunctive. The Verb Haber; Expressing Obligation. The Passive Voice. En otras palabras: Para solicitar algo; Para regatear y hacer una compra; Para comprender los números; Para ofrecer ayuda. En contacto. Videocultura: De compras en Madrid.


Presentación del tema. Vocabulario útil: La computadora y la comunicación. Para escuchar: En Bucaramanga. Gramática y vocabulario. Sequence of Tenses with the Subjunctive: Summary. If clauses. Conjunctions. Por versus Para. Vocabulario útil: Expresiones con por y para. En otras palabras: Para expresar alivio, gratitud y comprensión; Para expresar incredulidad y enojo. En contacto. Videocultura: Los cibercafés.


Presentación del tema. Vocabulario útil: La creación humana. Para escuchar: El arte y la imaginación. Gramática y vocabulario. The Present Participle and the Progressive Forms. Relative Pronouns; The Neuter Lo, Lo que. Vocabulario útil: El mundo literario. Diminutives. En otras palabras: Para disculparse; Para expresar vacilación; Para resumir una idea; Para cambiar de tema. En contacto. Videocultura: El Nuyorican Poets Café.

Appendix A: Capitalization, Punctuation, Syllabication and Word Stress.
Appendix B: Numbers, Dates, and Time.
Appendix C: Use of Prepositions.
Appendix D: Regular Verbs.
Appendix E: Spelling-Changing, Stem-Changing and Irregular verbs.