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Engineering Psychology and Human Performance

Engineering Psychology and Human Performance - 3rd edition

Engineering Psychology and Human Performance - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780321047113

ISBN10: 0321047117

Engineering Psychology and Human Performance by Christopher D. Wickens and Justin Hollands - ISBN 9780321047113
Edition: 3RD 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Engineering Psychology and Human Performance by Christopher D. Wickens and Justin Hollands - ISBN 9780321047113

ISBN13: 9780321047113

ISBN10: 0321047117

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For courses in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Engineering Psychology, Human Performance, Human Information Processing, and Applied Cognitive Psychology. This text presents both a formal and intuitive understanding of how humans process information in the performance of tasks--highlighting the strengths and limitations, as well as methods, of performance. Equal emphasis is placed on the implications of these strengths and limitations for the design of equipment with which people interact, and for the design and training of work procedures. Provides examples of how Theories of Information are manifested in real world behavior, and clearly identifies the link between basic research and applications.

  • Revised decision-making chapter.

Shows students how more classic theories and applications in this area are related to contemporary developments in naturalistic decision making.

  • Updated spatial cognitive chapter.

Provides students and instructors with a scientific treatment of this important and growing area of technological importance, enabling them to focus on the developments in virtual environments in human-computer interaction, and date visualization.

Contains information on the following topics:

  • Knowledge representation and long-term memory;
  • Situation awareness;
  • Stress effects on performance;
  • Cognitive engineering and complex systems, including computer-mediated communications.

An opening "vignette" in Ch. 1.

  • Illustrates several principles of information processing found in following chapters so that students gain an intuitive understanding of them.
  • Numerous examples of actual applied research experiments.
  • Demonstrates the relevance of theories from basic laboratory psychology to the world beyond the classroom.

Author Bio

Wickens, Christopher D. : University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Hollands, Justin G. : University of Idaho

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Engineering Psychology and Human Performance.

2. Signal Detection, Information Theory, and Absolute Judgment.

3. Attention in Perception and Display Space.

4. Spatial Displays.

5. Navigation and Interaction in Real and Virtual Environments.

6. Language and Communications.

7. Memory and Training.

8. Decision Making.

9. Selection of Action.

10. Manual Control.

11. Attention, Time-Sharing, and Workload.

12. Stress and Human Error.

13. Complex Systems, Process Control and Automation.