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English Grammar for Students of German

English Grammar for Students of German - 3rd edition

English Grammar for Students of German - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780934034234

ISBN10: 0934034230

English Grammar for Students of German by Cecile Zorach and Charlotte Melin - ISBN 9780934034234
Edition: 3RD 94
Copyright: 1994
Publisher: Olivia and Hill Press
International: No
English Grammar for Students of German by Cecile Zorach and Charlotte Melin - ISBN 9780934034234

ISBN13: 9780934034234

ISBN10: 0934034230

Edition: 3RD 94

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

To the Student


1. What is a Noun?
2. What is Meant by Gender?
3. What is Meant by Number?
4. What are Articles?

Definite Articles
Indefinite Articles

5. What is Meant by Cases?

Case of English Pronouns
Case of English Nouns

6. What is a Verb?

Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

7. What is a Subject?
8. What are Objects?

Direct Object, Indirect Object
Sentences with a Direct and an Indirect Object
Object of a Proposition

9. What is a Predicate Noun?
10. What is the Possessive?
11. What is a Pronoun?
12. What is a Personal Pronoun?

Personal Pronouns as Subjects
Personal Pronouns as Objects
Personal Pronouns as Objects of Prepositions

13. What are the Principal Parts of a Verb?
14. What is an Infinitive?
15. What is a Verb Conjugation?

Verb Subjects
Verb Forms

16. What is Meant by Tense?
17. What is the Present Tense?
18. What is the Past Tense?
19. What are Auxiliary Verbs?

Use of Auxiliaries in English and German
Modal Auxiliaries

20. What is a Participle?

Present Participle
Present Participle vs. Gerund
Past Participle

21. What are the Perfect Tenses?
22. What is the Future Tense?
23. What is Meant by Mood?
24. What is the Imperative?
25. What is the Subjunctive?

The General Subjunctive (Subjunctive II)
The wurde-Construction

26. What is Meant by Direct and Indirect Discourse?
27. What is a Possessive Pronoun?
28. What is a Reflexive Pronoun?
29. What is a Reflexive Verb?
30. What is an Interrogative Pronoun?


1. Subject
2. Object
3. Indirect Object
4. Object of a Preposition
5. Possessive


31. What is a Relative Pronoun?

Use of Relative Pronouns
Relative Clauses with Indefinite Antecedents
Restrictive Clauses vs. Non-Restrictive Clauses

32. What is an Adjective?
33. What is a Descriptive Adjective?
34. What is Meant by Comparison of Adjectives?


35. What is a Possessive Adjective?
36. What is an Interrogative Adjective?
37. What is an Adverb?
38. What is a Preposition?

Two-Way Prepositions
Preposition or Prefix?

39. What are Prefixes and Suffixes?

Nouns Formed with Suffixes
Verbs formed with Prefixes

40. What is Meant by Active and Passive Voice?
41. What is a Conjunction?

Preposition or Subordinating Conjunction?

42. What are Sentences, Phrases, and Clauses?

What is a Sentence?
What is a Phrase?
What is a Clause?
Simple Sentences
Compound Sentences
Complex Sentences

Appendix - Selected Noun Gender Reference List

Answer Key