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Epidemic : How Teen Sex Is Killing Our Kids

Epidemic : How Teen Sex Is Killing Our Kids - 02 edition

Epidemic : How Teen Sex Is Killing Our Kids - 02 edition

ISBN13: 9780895261434

ISBN10: 089526143X

Epidemic : How Teen Sex Is Killing Our Kids by Meg J. Meeker - ISBN 9780895261434
Edition: 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Regnery/Gateway, Inc.
International: No
Epidemic : How Teen Sex Is Killing Our Kids by Meg J. Meeker - ISBN 9780895261434

ISBN13: 9780895261434

ISBN10: 089526143X

Edition: 02

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At This Very Moment an epidemic is invading our teenage kids. It's an epidemic that threatens their very lives, and often goes unnoticed until it's too late. It's an epidemic that is raging in every corner of the country, from rural towns to every major metropolis. Worst of all, it's an epidemic we helped create. The epidemic is the tidal wave of sexually transmitted diseases that, in some cases, have increased more than 500% in recent years. Right now, one out of every four sexually active teens is living with an STD! And these diseases have changed over the years. Used to be, we only had to deal with two "venereal diseases." Today, kids contend with some 50 to 100 strains of viruses that stay with them for life. Perhaps the biggest dread is HPV (human papilloma virus), which directly causes 99.7% of all cervical cancers, and is five times more common than all STDs combined.
Dr. Meg Meeker has lived on the front lines of this epidemic for more than twenty years. As a pediatrician specializing in adolescent medicine, Meeker now sees STDs affect one-third of her patients. In this groundbreaking book, she examines in detail the threat of these diseases, and the causes for their widespread advance among our teens. But there is hope. In the middle of a battlefield surrounded by disease, depression (the newest STD), injury, and death, we must arm our kids with knowledge, so that they can make the right choices. We must stay connected to our kids, so they understand how much we care. Victory won't come from wearing condoms or "exploring" sexual freedom, but from wisdom, maturity, and self-control. In this must-read book, Dr. Meg Meeker shows us how we can connect with our kids to help save them from this epidemic.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I The Epidemic is Here

1 Lori, Alex, Holly

Lori's Story
Alex's Story
Holly's Story

2 The Epidemic Is Real

The Epidemic Defined
Lifelong, Life-Threatening
STDs Don't Discriminate
Like a Match to Gasoline
Allyson's Story
Breaking the Silence
Mayhem in the Media
Curriculum for the Classroom

3 The Explosion from Two to Fifty

Sick for Life
HPV: Ground Zero
Lydia's Story
Herpes: The Recurring Dread
Erin's Story
Easy To Share
An Illness of Body and Mind
Hepatitis B
More Strokes

4 Curable but Dangerous

Sandy's Story
Gonorrhea: Back with a Vengeance
Syphilis Incognito
Trichomoniasis: HIV's Little Helper
Bacterial Vaginosis
My Patients Are Your Children

5 The Emotional STD

Skyrocketing Rates
Darlene's Story
Searching for Proof
Tony's Story
Sex and Depression
The Special Loss of Divorce
The Triumvirate of Depression
Spirituality and Depression
Uncovering Depression in Teens

Part II The Forces at Work

6 Birth Control Is Not Disease Control

My Story
Tools for Protection
Oral Contraceptives
Long-term Hormonal Therapies
The Doctors' Dilemma

7 Condoms and the Myth of Safe Sex

Karen's Story
Talking Terms
The Real Deal on Condoms
Sex, Lies, and the Freedom of Information Act
Condoms Versus the STDs
What Teens Fear Most
Condoms and Teenagers: An Unhealthy Mix
Sending the Wrong Message

8 Media and the World Our Kids See

Parents: Exhausted and Discouraged
Blockbuster Sex on the Big Screen
The Sounds of Sex: Music and MTV
Television: The 800-Pound Gorilla
Dotcom Sex
Selling Shampoo...or Sex?
Teens: Soaking It up Like a Sponge
Sex Is Big
Sex Symbols as Role Models
Cool People Are Promiscuous
So What Are Parents To Do?

9 High-Risk Sex

Why It's Happening
Oral Sex: A Craze with Consequences
Oral Sex Is No Protection
Mary Ellen's Story
Homosexual Sexual Activity
Multiple Partners
Can I Watch? Voyeurism
Everything But Sex...
Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol
Jared's Story
The Alcohol-Disease Connection
Good Sex/Bad Sex

Part III What to Know, What to Do

10 Adolescent in Body and Mind

When Puberty Strikes
Andrea's Story
STDs and the Adolescent Girl's Body
When Boys Reach Puberty
Sex and Sexuality
Identity Formation
Inability To Think in the Abstract

11 Connectedness

Our Teenagers Want Connectedness with Us
Developing Great Relationships with Our Teens
Connecting Through Communication
Connecting Through Intimacy
The Magic Touch
Connecting Through Emotional Intimacy
Connecting Through Love
Connecting Through Appreciation
Parental Disapproval of Sex

12 Holding Off

Teaching Kids To Postpone Sex
Ambivalence Is Permission
It's Never Too Late

In Conclusion