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Espana Y Su Civilizacion

Espana Y Su Civilizacion - 5th edition

Espana Y Su Civilizacion - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9780072904130

ISBN10: 0072904135

Espana Y Su Civilizacion by Francisco Ugarte, Michael Ugarte and Kathleen McNerney - ISBN 9780072904130
Edition: 5TH 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No
Espana Y Su Civilizacion by Francisco Ugarte, Michael Ugarte and Kathleen McNerney - ISBN 9780072904130

ISBN13: 9780072904130

ISBN10: 0072904135

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This text provides an introduction to the history and civilization of Spain. All important cultural and historical information from previous editions has been retained in this new edition, and new information about modern-day political organization and culture has been added. With added emphasis on the regional divisions of Spain and improved treatment of women, this text is an excellent vehicle for introducing intermediate or advanced students to Spanish civilization and culture.

Last two chapters have been revised to reflect changes and recent developments in contemporary Spain.

New 60 minute authentic video footage with be integrated into the text with an icon.

Many new maps and photos have been included to update the look and feel of the text.

Post-reading questions have been revised to include two types: a) information questions and b) thought questions.

Source materials have been expanded to allow students to investigate a topic in depth on their own or with other students. This material will also be helpful for profs in devising out of class assignments.


  • Only Spanish Civilization text on the market that is in Spanish.
  • Survey text providing a panoramic overview of Spanish civilization from pre-history to the present
  • Written from an anthropological and cultural perspective.
  • Each of the 15 chapters are arranged chronologically and thematically, dealing with history, literature, and art within a specific historical period.
  • Every unit has an entire chapter each on literature, culture, and art.
  • Each unit ends with a list of source materials for further reading or inspection, including audio-visual items.
  • Topics treated are of high-interest such as film, women's issues, and national identities within Spain.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introducción · España y las Españas: Diversidad geográfica y cultural

Unidad I · La prehistoria hasta la Edad Media

Capítulo 1 · España desde sus orígenes hasta la Reconquista

Capítulo 2 · La literatura española desde su nacimiento hasta el Siglo de Oro

Capítulo 3 · El arte prehistórico, la arquitectura y la escultura

Unidad II · El Siglo de Oro

Capítulo 4 · La España imperial de los siglos XVI y XVII

Capítulo 5 · La literatura del Siglo de Oro

Capítulo 6 · Miguel de Cervantes

Capítulo 7 · Artistas y músicos del Siglo de Oro

Unidad III · Siglos de luces y reformas: XVIII y XIX

Capítulo 8 · La España de los Borbones: Siglos XVIII y XIX

Capítulo 9 · La literatura española de los siglos XVIII y XIX

Capítulo 10 · Pintura y musica de los siglos XVIII y XIX

Unidad IV · Siglo XX

Capítulo 11 · Desde Alfonso XIII hasta Francisco Franco

Capítulo 12 · La literatura del siglo XX

Capítulo 13 · Arte y música del siglo XX

Unidad V · Presente y futuro

Capítulo 14 · La política actual (del franquismo a la democracia)

Capítulo 15 · La cultura actual