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Essential Clinical Anatomy

Essential Clinical Anatomy - 3rd edition

Essential Clinical Anatomy - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780781762748

ISBN10: 078176274X

Essential Clinical Anatomy by Keith L Moore and Anne M. Agur - ISBN 9780781762748
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: WilliamsWilkins
International: No
Essential Clinical Anatomy by Keith L Moore and Anne M. Agur - ISBN 9780781762748

ISBN13: 9780781762748

ISBN10: 078176274X

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 07

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Essential Clinical Anatomy, Third Edition presents the core anatomical concepts found in Clinically Oriented Anatomy, Fifth Edition in a concise, easy-to-read, and student-friendly format. This streamlined book is an excellent review for the larger text and an ideal primary text for health professions courses with brief coverage of anatomy.

This edition features new full-color surface anatomy and bone photographs and new diagnostic images with corresponding line illustrations. A new design makes the book visually appealing and easier to navigate.

Accompanying the book is an Online Student Resource Center, which includes interactive clinical cases, USMLE-style review questions, and interactive images with labels on/off, zoom, and hotspot label functionality.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Clinical Anatomy

Approaches to Studying Anatomy
Anatomical and Medical Terminology
Integumentary System
Skeletal System
Muscular System
Cardiovascular System
Lymphatic System
Nervous System
Medical Imaging Techniques

2. Thorax

Thoracic Wall
Thoracic Cavity and Viscera

3. Abdomen

Abdominal Cavity
Peritoneum and Peritoneal Cavity
Abdominal Viscera
Thoracic Diaphragm
Posterior Abdominal Wall
Medical Imaging of Abdomen

4. Pelvis and Perineum

Pelvic Cavity and Viscera

5. Back

Vertebral Column
Muscles of Back
Spinal Cord and Meninges
Medical Imaging of Back

6. Lower Limb

Bones of Lower Limb
Fascia, Vessels, and Nerves of Lower Limb
Organization of Thigh Muscles
Gluteal Region
Posterior Thigh Muscles
Popliteal Fossa
Joints of Lower Limb
Medical Imaging of Lower Limb

7. Upper Limb

Bones of Upper Limb
Superficial Structures of Upper Limb
Anterior Thoracoappendicular Muscles
Posterior Thoracoappendicular and Scapulohumeral Muscles
Joints of Upper Limb
Medical Imaging of Upper Limb

8. Head

Cranial Meninges
Temporal Region
Temporomandibular Joint
Oral Region
Pterygopalatine Fossa
Medical Imaging of Head

9. Neck

Fascia of Neck
Superficial and Lateral Neck Muscles
Triangles of Neck
Deep Structures of Neck
Lymphatics of Neck
Viscera of Neck
Medical Imaging of Neck

10. Review of Cranial Nerves

Overview of Cranial Nerves
Olfactory Nerve (CN I)
Optic Nerve (CN II)
Oculomotor Nerve (CN III)
Trochlear Nerve (CN IV)
Trigeminal Nerve (CN V)
Abducent Nerve (CN VI)
Facial Nerve (CN VII)
Vestibulocochlear Nerve (CN VIII)
Glossopharyngeal Nerve (CN IX)
Vagus Nerve (CN X)
Accessory Nerve (CN XI)
Hypoglossal Nerve (CN XII)
References and Suggested Readings