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Essentials of Algebra and Trig. (Custom)

Essentials of Algebra and Trig. (Custom) - 05 edition

Essentials of Algebra and Trig. (Custom) - 05 edition

ISBN13: 9780536941282

ISBN10: 0536941289

Essentials of Algebra and Trig. (Custom) by Dennis Christy - ISBN 9780536941282
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Pearson Custom
International: No
Essentials of Algebra and Trig. (Custom) by Dennis Christy - ISBN 9780536941282

ISBN13: 9780536941282

ISBN10: 0536941289

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 05

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The unique goal of Essentials of Algebra and Trigonometry is to provide expanded coverage of the introductory topics in algebra and trigonometry while reducing or omitting coverage of some of the advanced topics. Designed for students who have completed a course in beginning algebra, Essentials uses an innovative spiral organization that includes an early introduction to trigonometry. This ordering of topics provides for many opportunities to integrate algebraic and trigonometric concepts.

After Chapter 1 reviews basic algebra, the ensuing chapters provide an introduction to functions, graphs, systems of equations, and trigonometry. The early introduction of these topics allows the student to take advantage of modern technology to develop multiple problem-solving strategies. When Chapter 5 develops further algebraic techniques, it is then possible to show that algebraic and trigonometric expressions are factored and combined in analogous ways, an insight especially helpful in preparing students for trigonometric identities. When a variety of equations and inequalities are solved algebraically in chapters 5 through 7, students can picture solutions as an intersection of two graphs.

Beginning with Chapter 7, the text spirals back to a relations theme and considers second-degree equations in one and two variables, then exponential and logarithmic functions and more advanced topics concerning the trigonometric functions. The text concludes with a chapter on sequences, series, and the binomial theorem.

Essentials embodies the belief that current textbooks must provide a balanced approach to learning algebra and trigonometry by incorporating many of the changes recommended by various reform programs while maintaining the sound pedagogical features of traditional texts. This allows students to develop basic skills while preparing them to make the transition in higher-level math to a ''conceptual approach.'' A complete set of pedagogical features is used consistently to achieve the deserved balance between concepts and skills.


  • Section Openers: motivational problems later solved as examples
  • Progress Check Exercises: associated with each example problem so students can immediately test their understanding of the concept being discussed
  • Applications: included in the examples and exercise sets of every section; the text contains many varied and realistic applications, including numerous problems based on real data
  • Calculator Use: text encourages use of graphing calculators and discusses how they can be used effectively throughout the examples and the exercises
  • Technology Links: often used to enhance an example problem and show a solution from a different viewpoint
  • ''Explore'' Exercises: allow students to use modern technology, working individually or in groups to discover properties and learn about additional features of graphing calculators useful for algebra and trigonometry
  • ''Think About It'' Exercises: help students develop critical-thinking skills by asking them to create their own examples, express concepts in their own words, extend ideas covered in the section, and analyze topics slightly out of the mainstream
  • Instructor's Manual: contains answers to the even-numbered problems in the text, as well as answers to all the Think About It problems and Explore problems.
  • Computerized Test Generator: Testgen-EQ is available, with over 2,000 questions coded to sections in the text; questions are primarily algorithm-driven and an unlimited number of questions of this type may be generated in either multiple-choice or open-ended formats
  • Course Management and Testing System: CourseCompass is available for course management and online testing