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Essentials of Primary Care Sports Medicine

Essentials of Primary Care Sports Medicine - 03 edition

Essentials of Primary Care Sports Medicine - 03 edition

ISBN13: 9780736003230

ISBN10: 0736003231

Essentials of Primary Care Sports Medicine by Gregory Landry and David Bernhardt - ISBN 9780736003230
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
International: No
Essentials of Primary Care Sports Medicine by Gregory Landry and David Bernhardt - ISBN 9780736003230

ISBN13: 9780736003230

ISBN10: 0736003231

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 03

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Essentials of Primary Care Sports Medicine gives a non-orthopedic approach to sports medicine that will help athletic trainers, sports therapists, sports medicine physicians, and health practitioners as well as students in these areas focus on athletes' general health issues. Readers will be able to understand the primary care concerns of athletes, earn their trust, and work more effectively with them.

From hypothermia to mononucleosis, Essentials of Primary Care Sports Medicine will help readers recognize relevant signs and symptoms and determine when a physician's attention, diagnosis, and treatment are required. The book outlines different courses of treatment, the significant role an athletic trainer plays in the healing process, and factors involved in the decision to return to activity.

University sports medicine team physicians Dr. Greg Landry and Dr. David Bernhardt treat athletes and lecture extensively on the care of athletes with disorders in body systems, infections and allergies, nutritional disorders, psychological issues, and pharmacological concerns. In Essentials of Primary Care Sports Medicine they share their knowledge and experience with those already practicing in the field and those who are studying to become athletic trainers, physical therapists, and personal trainers. The text is packed with relevant and practical topics, including the psychological dimensions of working with adolescents, athletes undergoing rehab and burnout, and those showing signs of sexually transmitted diseases or addictive behaviors.

The book also provides the following information:

  • Extensive medical terminology to help readers communicate better with athletes' physicians
  • Almost 100 line drawings and photos
  • Hands-on advice for those working with athletes with asthma, diabetes, and other chronic conditions that require ongoing and practical interventions
  • Pedagogical aids including chapter objectives and summaries, lists of terms and definitions in each chapter as well as in a glossary, case studies, a listing of resources for further information in each chapter, and an extensive index

With Essentials of Primary Care Sports Medicine, professionals and students in athletic training, personal training, and sports medicine have an essential reference and textbook that will increase their knowledge base and help them contribute immeasurably to the long-term health of athletes.

Author Bio

Landry, Greg : University of Wisconsin

Greg Landry, MD, is a team physician at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and is a professor of pediatrics and sports medicine at the UW Medical School. He served as a volunteer team physician for the 1992 Olympic Games and was a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Sports Medicine and Fitness from 1988 to 1994. He was a founding member of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine and served as its president from 1997 to 1998. He earned a Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine in 1997.

David Bernhardt, MD, is a team physician at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and is also an associate professor in the department of pediatrics and sports medicine. He is the fellowship director of the University of Wisconsin Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship. Dr. Bernhardt is also a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics' Committee on Sports Medicine and Fitness and the Governors Council of Physical Fitness, and he earned a Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I System Disorders

Chapter 1 Cardiac Pathologies

Sudden Cardiac Death--Basic Concepts and Incidence
Young Athletes--Causes of Sudden Death
Screening and Referrals for Cardiac Evaluation

Chapter 2 Gastroenterological Pathologies

Physical Examination
Common Disorders
Abdominal Trauma

Chapter 3 Neurological Pathologies

Infectious Brain Diseases

Chapter 4 Diabetes Mellitus

Insulin Treatment
Diabetes and Exercise
Working With Diabetic Athletes

Chapter 5 Eye, Ear, and Maxillofacial Pathologies

Eye Trauma, Infections, and Disorders
Maxillofacial Injuries

Chapter 6 Gender-Based Pathologies

Female Athlete Triad
Disorders of the Reproductive System

Part II Infectious Conditions and Allergies

Chapter 7 Dermatological Pathologies

Skin Infections and Wrestling

Chapter 8 Respiratory Pathologies

Exercise-Induced Asthma
Other Diagnostic Possibilities

Chapter 9 Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Blood-Borne Infections

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Blood Borne Viral Infections

Chapter 10 Common Infectious Diseases

Common Cold
Infectious Mononucleosis
Complications of Infectious Mononucleosis

Part III Nutritional and Pharmacological Concerns

Chapter 11 Nutrition

"Athletic" Diets Versus "Typical American" Diets
Energy Requirements
Nutrient Requirements
Pregame Meals
Common Nutritional Supplements

Chapter 12 Weight Control

Ideal Body Weight
Body Composition
Weight-Loss Issues
Weight-Gain Issues

Chapter 13 Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Mechanism of Action
Therapeutic Effects
Side Effects
Drug Interactions

Chapter 14 Drugs, Supplements, and the Athlete

Ergogenic Drugs
Recreational Drugs
Other Sedatives
Herbal Supplements
Risk Factors

Chapter 15 Drug Testing in the Athletic Setting

Overview of Drug Screening
Notification of Results
Effectiveness and Cost of Drug Screening
Legal and Ethical Questions

Part IV Special Issues

Chapter 16 Environmental Stress

Heat-Related Illnesses
Cold-Related Injuries
High Altitude

Chapter 17 Psychological Aspects of Sport and Rehabilitation

Personality Traits of Athletes
Psychology of Injury and Rehabilitation
Athletes and Mental Illness
Performance Enhancement

Chapter 18 Growth and Maturation During Adolescence

Physical Development
Physical Development of the Adolescent

Chapter 19 The Preparticipation Physical Examination

Reasons for Performing the Preparticipation Physical Examination
Mechanics: Timing, Location, and Types of Examinations
The History Is the Key
Components of the Physical Exam
Decisions Concerning Playability

About the Authors