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Ethical Theory and Business

Ethical Theory and Business - 6th edition

Ethical Theory and Business - 6th edition

ISBN13: 9780130831446

ISBN10: 0130831441

Ethical Theory and Business by Tom L. Beauchamp and Norman E. Bowie - ISBN 9780130831446
Edition: 6TH 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Ethical Theory and Business by Tom L. Beauchamp and Norman E. Bowie - ISBN 9780130831446

ISBN13: 9780130831446

ISBN10: 0130831441

Edition: 6TH 01

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Bowie, Norman G., Beauchamp, Thomas L., Ethical Theory and Business, 6/E*/ This book presents a comprehensive anthology of readings, legal perspectives, and cases in ethics in business. Contrasting business ethics approaches, Regulation of business, Performance Monitoring. Genetic testing and screening. Third world issues. Federal sentencing guidelines. Ideal for business professionals interested in reviewing ethical issues in business.

Author Bio

Beauchamp, Tom L. : Georgetown University

Bowie, Norman E. : University of Minnesota-Elmer

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter contains an Introduction and Suggested Supplementary Readings).

1. Ethical Theory and Business Practice.

Fundamental Concepts and Problems.
Morality and Ethical Theory.
Morality and Prudence.
Morality and Law.
The Rule of Conscience.
Approaches to the Study of Morality.
Relativism and Objectivity of Belief. Moral Disagreements.
The Problem of Egoism.

Normative Ethical Theory.
Utilitarian Theories.
Kantian Ethics.
Contemporary Challenges to the Dominant Theories.
Common Morality
Theories. Rights Theories.
Virtue Ethics.
Feminist Theories and the Ethics of Care.
APrologue to Theories of Justice.

Analysis of Cases.
The Case Method in Law.
The Case Method in Business.
The Case Method in Ethics.
EthicalTheory and Case Analysis.

2. The Purpose of the Corporation.

Stockholder Management versus Stakeholder Management.
Milton Friedman, The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits.
R. Edward Freeman, A Stakeholder Theory of the Modern Corporation.

Which View Is Right?
Kenneth E. Goodpaster, Business Ethics and Stakeholder Analysis.
John R. Boatright, Fiduciary Duties and The Shareholder-Management Relation: Or, What's So Special About Shareholders?

Legal Perspectives.
Michigan Supreme Court, Dodge v. Ford Motor Company. Supreme Court of New Jersey, A.P.
Smith Manufacturing Co. v. Barlow.
TIAA-CREF, Policy Statement on Corporate Governance.

Case 1: Shutdown at Eastland.
Case 2: The NYSEG Corporate Responsibility Program.
Case 3: H.B. Fuller in Honduras: Street Children and Substance Abuse.
Case 4: The Wall Street Effect.
Case 5: The Health Business.

3. The Regulation of Business: Accountability and Responsibility.

Compliance Theory and Self-Regulation.
Kenneth J. Arrow, Busines Codes and Economic Efficiency.
O.C. Ferrell, Debbie Thorne LeClair,and Linda Ferrell, The Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations: A Framework for Ethical Compliance.
Linda Klebe Trevino, Gary R. Weaver, David G. Gibson, and Barbara Lee Toffler, Managing Ethics and Legal Compliance: What Works and What Hurts.

Determining Responsibility.
Russell P. Boisjoly, Ellen Foster Curtis, and Eugene Mellican, Roger Boisjoly and the Challenger Disaster: The Ethical Dimensions.
Lisa Belkin, How Can We Save the Next Victim?

Legal Perspectives.
Federal Sentencing Guidelines, Sentencing of Organizations.
Excerpts from V-Chip Legislation, U.S. Congress Telecommunications Act of 1996, Johnson and Johnson, Our Credo.

Case 1: Retailers and Weapons: Self-imposed Bans.
Case 2: Rock Music Warning Labels.
Case 3:An Auditor's Dilemma.
Case 4: Beech Nut Corporation.
Case 5: Grantman Piedman.

4. Acceptable Risk.

Consumer Risk.
Manuel Velasquez, The Ethics of Consumer Production.
George G. Brenkert, Strict Products Liability and Compensatory Justice.

Occupational Risk.
Ruth R. Faden and Tom L. Beauchamp, The Right to Risk Information and the Right to Refuse Workplace Hazards.
Thomas O. McGarity, The Nature of the Worker's Right to Know.

Environmental Risk.
Richard T. DeGeorge, Safety, Risk, and Environmental Protection.
R. Edward Freeman, Jessica Pierce, and Richard Dodd, Shades of Green: Business, Ethics, and the Environment.

Investment Risk.
Robert E. Frederick and W. Michael Hoffman, The Individual Investor in Securities Markets: An Ethical Analysis.
Robert F. Bruner and Lynn Sharp Paine, Management Buyouts and Managerial Ethics.

Legal Perspectives.
Supreme Court of New Jersey, Henningsen v. Bloomfield Motors, Inc. and Chrysler Corporation.
Supreme Court of the United States, Automobile Workers v. Johnson Controls, Inc.
Supreme Courtof the United States, United States, Petitioner v. Bestfoods et al.

Case 1: Protecting Consumers Against Tobacco.
Case 2: Exposing Workers to Plutonium.
Case 3:The McDonald's Polystyrene Case.
Case 4: Virazole and Investor Risk.
Case 5: OSHA Noncompliance and Security.

5. Rights and Obligations of Employers and Employees.

Ethical Issues Surrounding the Hiring and Firing of Employees.
Patricia H. Werhane and Tara J. Radin, Employment at Will and Due Process.
Richard A. Epstein, In Defense of the Contract at Will.

Joseph DesJardins and Ronald Duska, Drug Testing in Employment.
Michael Cranford, Drug Testing and the Right to Privacy: Arguing the Ethics of Workplace Drug Testing.
Joseph Kupfer,The Ethics of Genetic Screening in the Workplace.
Patrick L. Brockett and E. Susan Tankersley, The Genetics Revolution, Economics, Ethics, and Insurance.
G. Stoney Alder, Ethical Issues in Electronic Performance Monitoring.

Ronald Duska, Whistleblowing and Employee Loyalty.
Daryl Koehn, Whistleblowing and Trust: Some Lessons from the ADM Scandal.

Legal Perspectives.
Supreme Court of New York, Appellate Division, State of New York v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
UnitedStates District Court for the Southern District of New York, Pasch v. Katz Media Corporation, Katz
Radio Group, and Christal Radio.
Superior Court of Alaska, Leudtke v. Nabors Alaska Drilling, Inc.
Supreme Court of New Jersey, Warthen v. Toms River Memorial Hospital.
Supreme Court of New Jersey, Potter v. Village Bank of New Jersey.

Case 1: The Reluctant Security Guard.
Case 2: Probable Cause and Drug Testing.
Case 3: A Matter of Principle.
Case 4: A ''State-of-the-Art'' Termination.
Case 5: Health and Genetic Screening.
Hiring, Firing, and Discriminating.

Affirmative Action and Reverse Discrimination.
Thomas Nagel, A Defense of Affirmative Action.
N. Scott Arnold, Affirmative Action and the Demands of Justice.
Tom L. Beauchamp, Goals and Quotas in Hiring and Promotion.

Pay Equity and Comparable Worth.
Judith M. Hill, Pay Equity.
Ellen Frankel Paul, Resolving the Debate over Comparable Worth: Some Philosophical Considerations.

Sexual Harassment.
Andrew Altman, Making Sense of Sexual Harassment Law.
Vaughana Macy Feary, Sexual Harassment: Why the Corporate World Still Doesn't ''Get It.''

Legal Perspectives.
Supreme Court of the United States, Local 28 of the Sheet Metal Workers' International Association v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Supreme Court of the United States, City of Richmond v. J.A. Croson Company.
United State Court of Appeals for the North Circuit, American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees v. Washington.
Supreme Court of the United States, Meritor Savings Bank, FSB v. Vinson, et al..

Case 1: ''Harassment'' at Brademore Electric.
Case 2: Sing's Chinese Restaurant.
Case 3: Wards Cove Packing Co. v. Atonio.
Case 4: Weber and the Kaiser Aluminum, Steelworkers Plan.
Case 5: Firefighter's Local Union No. 1784 v. Stotts.
Case 6: Comparable Worth in the Female Section?

7. Marketing and Disclosure.

Marketing, Truth and Trust.
Richard T. DeGeorge, Marketing and Truth.
George G. Brenkert, Marketing Trust: Barriers and Bridges.

Tom L. Beauchamp, Manipulative Advertising.
Michael J. Phillips, The Inconclusive Ethical Case Against Manipulative Advertising.

James M. Ebejer and Michael J. Morden, Paternalism in the Marketplace: Should a Salesman be His Buyer's Keeper?
David M. Holley, Information Disclosure in Sales.

Albert Z. Carr, Is Business Bluffing Ethical?
Thomas L. Carson, Second Thoughts about Bluffing.

Legal Perspectives.
United States Court of Appeals (First Circuit), Irving A. Backman v. Polaroid Corporation.
United States Court of Appeals (Second Circuit), The Coca-Cola Company v. Tropicana Products, Inc.

Case 1: Marketing Malt Liquor.
Case 2: Marketing the Giant Quart.
Case 3: Advertising Joe Camel.
Case 4: Green Advertising.
Case 5: Food Labels and Artful Sales.
Case 6: Computer Math for Car Loans.
Case 7: The Conventions of Lying on Wall Street.

8. Ethical Issues in International Business.

When in Rome, Should You Do As the Romans Do?
Norman Bowie, Relativism and the Moral Obligations of Multinational Corporations.
Daryl Koehn, What Can Eastern Philosophy Teach Us About Business Ethics?
Iwao Taka, Business Ethics: A Japanese View.
Patricia Werhane, Exporting Mental Models: Global Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century.

P. Steidlemier, Gift Giving, Bribery, and Corruption: Ethical Management of Business Relationships in China.
Thomas Donaldson and Thomas W. Dunfee, When Ethics Travel: The Promise and Peril of Global Business Ethics.

Capitalism in the Third World.
Richard Applebaum and Peter Dreter, The Campus Anti-Sweatshop Movement. Ian Maitland, The Great Non-Debate Over International Sweatshops.
David Bornstein, The Price of a Dream..

Legal Perspectives.
Supreme Court of the United States, Ali Boureslan v. Arabian American Oil Company and Aramco Services Company. Supreme Court of Texas, Dow Chemical Company and Shell Oil Company v. Domingo Castro Algfaro et al. Caux Roundtable, Principles for Business.

Case 1: Foreign Assignment.
Case 2: The Nestlé Corporation.
Case 3: Facilitation or Bribery: Cultural and Ethical Disparities.
Case 4: The Gap.
Case 5: Texaco in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

9. Social and Economic Justice.

Theories of Social Justice.
John Rawls, An Egalitarian Theory of Justice.
Robert Nozick, The Entitlement Theory.
Peter Singer, Rich and Poor.
Michael Walzer, Spheres of Justice.

International Economic Justice.
Richard T. DeGeorge, Negotiating Justice.
Tom Donaldson, The Ethics of Conditionality in International Debt.

Legal Perspectives.
Thomas M. Frank, Law of the Sea and the Common Heritage Principle.

Case 1: Baseball Economics.
Case 2: Enron and Dabhol Power.
Case 3: South Africa and the Pharmaceutical Companies.
Case 4: Cocaine at the Fortune-500 Level.
Case 5: Covering the Costs of Health Care.