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Evaluating Social Work Services and Program

Evaluating Social Work Services and Program - 05 edition

Evaluating Social Work Services and Program - 05 edition

ISBN13: 9780205415014

ISBN10: 0205415016

Evaluating Social Work Services and Program by Robert Weinbach - ISBN 9780205415014
Edition: 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Evaluating Social Work Services and Program by Robert Weinbach - ISBN 9780205415014

ISBN13: 9780205415014

ISBN10: 0205415016

Edition: 05

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Program Evaluation uses a practical, reader-friendly approach to de-mystify evaluation research, clarifying evaluation's relationship to social work practice and providing the knowledge necessary to conduct it.

This book assumes that students have studied traditional research methods and basic statistics or are currently studying them. It contains all necessary definitions and brief explanations of essential research terminology and concepts. However, it relates them directly to their usage in evaluation research, which is often quite diffent from the way they are used in traditional research.


  • Well organized with excellent flow from chapter to chapter, Program Evaluation does not read like a research methods book, making it a text students will want to read and learn from.
  • Contains two chapters describing the history of evaluation and the forces that produced it as well as traditional methods for evaluating programs and services (Chs. 2 & 3).
  • Two chapters on single system research provide the needed knowledge to design and conduct studies (Chs. 4 & 5).
  • Presents students with situations in which practical and ethical issues conflict and no easy solution presents itself. The "ideal world" is presented, but it is balanced with practical realities such as the need for funding and program continuation.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. What Is Evaluation Research?

Defining Evaluation Research.
Research Terminology for Evaluation Research.
Some Additional Clarification.

2. The History of Evaluation Research.

Before Evaluation Research.
Forces for Change.
Evaluation Research Today.

3. Traditional Methods for Monitoring and Improving Social Work Practice.

Methods to Improve the Quality of Individual Services.
Methods to Improve the Quality of Programs.
Traditional Methods in Perspective.

4. An Overview of Single System Research.

The "Basics" of Single System Research.
Measurement Tasks and Issues.
Recording and Graphing Data.
The Sequence of Events.
Lingering Ethical Questions.
Current Status of Single System Research.

5. Single System Designs and Data Analysis.

Research Designs.
Analysis of Single System Data.
Internal Validity and Single System Research.
Reports of Single System Studies.

6. Today's Program Evaluations: Some Common Issues.

Why Are Program Evaluations Sometimes Requested?
Reasons Why Evaluations Are Sometimes Requested: Other Ethical Issues.
Program Components and Their Meanings.
Sources of Knowledge for Program Evaluations.

7. Needs Assessments.

Needs Assessments for Proposed Programs.
Needs Assessments of Existing Programs.

8. Evaluations to Improve Programs.

Completing Unfinished Business.
Program Monitoring.
Formative Evaluations.
Process Evaluations.

9. Outcome Evaluations: An Overview.

General Characteristics of Outcome Evaluations.
Evaluation Foci.
Use of "the Logic Model."
What Makes a Good Outcome Evaluation?
Ethical Problems and Issues.
Outcome Evaluation Reports.

10. Pre-Experimental Outcome Evaluations.

Research Designs in Outcome Evaluations.
Design Nomenclature.
Getting Needed Answers.
Obstacles to Use of Explanatory Designs.
Characteristics of Pre-Experimental Outcome Evaluations.

11. Explanatory Outcome Evaluations.

Internal Validity and Outcome Evaluations.
Statistical Analysis and Outcome Evaluations.
Quasi-Experimental Designs.
Experimental Designs.
Completing the Picture.