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Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary Psychology - 02 edition

Evolutionary Psychology - 02 edition

ISBN13: 9780205278688

ISBN10: 020527868X

Evolutionary Psychology by Jack A. Palmer and Linda K. Palmer - ISBN 9780205278688
Edition: 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Evolutionary Psychology by Jack A. Palmer and Linda K. Palmer - ISBN 9780205278688

ISBN13: 9780205278688

ISBN10: 020527868X

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A short, broad introduction to the emerging field of evolutionary psychology (the study of adaptive significance of behavior). 10 short chapters introduce the reader to the major topics within the field of evolutionary psychology (from "Social Order and Disorder" to "Mating and Reproduction" to "The Creative Impulse: The Origins of Technology and Art"). For psychologists, students, or anyone interested in evolutionary psychology.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Each chapter concludes with "Chapter Summary."

List of Figures.
List of Tables.

1. Origins: The Roots of Evolutionary Psychology.

Darwin's Theory.
The Modern Synthesis.
Behavior as a Function of Evolution.

2. From Big Bang to Big Brain.

Life in the Universe.
The Beginning.
Vertebrate Life.
Hominid Evolution.

3. Encephalization and the Emergence of Mind.

The Prime Movers in Hominid Encephalization.
The Modular Brain.
The Modular Mind.

4. Language: Crown Jewel of Communication.

The Nature of Language.
Language Acquisition.
Language Evolution.

5. Mating and Reproduction.

Sexual Selection.
The Aesthetics of Attraction.
Human Pheromones.
Jealousy and Mate-Guarding.
Sperm Wars.
Sexual Orientation.

6. Ontogeny.

Pre-Natal Development.
Post-Natal Development.

7. Social Order and Disorder.

Dominance Hierarchies: The Coordination of Affiliation and Aggression.
The Biochemistry of Status and the Function of Mood States.
The Evolution of Compassion.

8. Personality and Psychopathology.

Early Personality Theorists.
Contemporary Approaches to Personality Theory.
The Three Factor Model of Personality.
The Five Factor Model of Personality.
Evolutionary Theory and Personality.
Personality and Abnormal Behavior.

9. The Creative Impulse: The Origins of Technology and Art.

Tool Use.
Aesthetic Manipulation.
Consciousness and the Symbolic Universe.

10. Ancient Mammal in a Brave New World.

Mismatch Theory.
Stress: Then and Now.
Mental Health.
Indoctrination, Nationalism and War.
Better Living through Chemistry: Psychopharmacology.
The New Eugenics: Genetic Engineering.

Appendix A: Wason Selection Tasks for Cheater Detection (Cosmides & Tooby, 1992).

Cheater Version.
Altruistic Version.

Appendix B: A Primer of Neurotransmitters and Their Function.