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Existentialism: Basic Writings

Existentialism: Basic Writings - 2nd edition

Existentialism: Basic Writings - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780872205956

ISBN10: 0872205959

Existentialism: Basic Writings by Charles Guignon and Derk Pereboom - ISBN 9780872205956
Edition: 2ND 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Hackett Publishing Co.
International: No
Existentialism: Basic Writings by Charles Guignon and Derk Pereboom - ISBN 9780872205956

ISBN13: 9780872205956

ISBN10: 0872205959

Edition: 2ND 01

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An excellent work. The wide selection of readings alone would cost quite a bit of money to assemble seperately. Major contributions by each philospher are summarized in a non-technical manner that is accesible by readers from all walks of life. One of the few books that approaches several major themes under one cover and manages to leave the reader with the seeds of interest rather than confusion and massive generalization.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Legacy of Existentialism.

KIERKEGAARD: Introduction.

Background Reading: from Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit.

Fear and Trembling: Preface; A Panegyric Upon Abraham; Problemata: Preliminary Expectoration; Problem I (Is There Such a Thing as a Teleological Suspension of the Ethical?); Problem II (Is There Such a Thing as an Absolute Duty Toward God?).

The Sickness unto Death: That Despair is the Sickness unto Death.

Concluding Unscientific Postscript: The Subjective Truth, Inwardness; Truth is Subjectivity.

NIETZSCHE: Introduction.

From The Birth of Tragedy: Section One.

The Gay Science.

Twilight of the Idols: The Problem of Socrates; "Reason" in Philosophy; How the "True World" Finally Became a Fiction.

HEIDEGGER: Introduction.

From Being and Time: Introduction. The Question of Being; The Twofold Task in Working out the Question of Being.

Division One: Analysis of Dasein. 1. The Task of a Preparatory Analysis of Dasein. 2. Being-in-the-World as the Basic State of Dasein. 3. The Worldhood of the World. 4. Being-in-the-World as Being-With and Being-One's-Self. The "They". 5. Being-in as Such. 6. Care as the Being of Dasein.

Division Two: Dasein and Temporality. 1. Dasein's Possibility of Being-a-whole, and Being-toward-death. 2. Authenticity and Resoluteness. 3. Temporality as the Ontological Meaning of Care.

SARTRE: Introduction.

Background Reading: Husserl's "Phenomenology and Anthropology".

"The Humanism of Existentialism".

Being and Nothingness: 1. The Origin of Negation: The Question. 2. Negations. 3. The Origin of Nothingness. 4. Bad Faith and Falsehood. 5. Patterns of Bad Faith. 6. The "Faith" of Bad Faith. 7. The Existence of Others. 8. Freedom and Responsibility. 9. Existential Psychoanalysis. 10. Ethical Implications.

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Existentialism : Basic Writings by Charles B. Guignon - ISBN 9780872202146