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Exploring Psychology in Modules

Exploring Psychology in Modules - 8th edition

Exploring Psychology in Modules - 8th edition

ISBN13: 9781429216364

ISBN10: 1429216360

Exploring Psychology in Modules by David G. Myers - ISBN 9781429216364
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 8TH 11
Copyright: 2011
Publisher: Worth Publishers, Inc.
International: No
Exploring Psychology in Modules by David G. Myers - ISBN 9781429216364

ISBN13: 9781429216364

ISBN10: 1429216360

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 8TH 11

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Exploring Psychology, Eighth Edition in Modules is the modular version of the #1 bestselling brief introduction to psychology: David Myers's Exploring Psychology. All the Myers hallmarks are here-the captivating writing, coverage based on the latest research, helpful pedagogical support-in a format that delivers the utmost in student accessibility and teaching flexibility.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction to the History and Science of Psychology
Module 1 The History and Scope of Psychology Module 2 Research Strategies: How Psychologists Ask and Answer Questions

Biology and Behavior
Module 3 Neural and Hormonal Systems Module 4 The Brain Module 5 The Nature of Behavior Module 6 The Nurture of Behavior and the Interplay of Nature and Nurture

The Developing Person
Module 7 Development Issues, Prenatal Development, and the Newborn Module 8 Infancy and Childhood Module 9 Adolescence Module 10 Adulthood

Sensation and Perception
Module 11 Introduction to Sensation and Perception: Vision Module 12 The Other Senses Module 13 Perceptual Organization Module 14 Perceptual Interpretation

States of Consciousness
Module 15 Waking and Sleeping Rhythms Module 16 Hypnosis Module 17 Drugs and Consciousness

Module 18 Classical Conditioning Module 19 Operant Conditioning Module 20 Learning by Observation

Module 21 Information Processing Module 22 Forgetting, Memory Construction, and Improving Memory

Thinking, Language, and Intelligence
Module 23 Thinking Module 24 Language and Thought Module 25 Intelligence

Module 26 Introduction to Motivation: Hunger Module 27 Sexual Motivation Module 28 Motivation at Work

Emotions, Stress, and Health
Module 29 Theories and Physiology of Emotion Module 30 Expressed and Experienced Emotion Module 31 Stress and Illness Module 32 Promoting Health

Module 33 Historic Perspectives on Personality: Psychoanalytic and Humanistic Module 34 Contemporary Perspectives on Personality: Trait and Social Cognitive Module 35 Contemporary Perspectives on Personality: The Self and the Modern Unconscious

Psychological Disorders
Module 36 Introduction to Psychological Disorders Module 37 Anxiety, Dissociative, and Personality Disorders Module 38 Mood Disorders Module 39 Schizophrenia

Module 40 The Psychological Therapies Module 41 Evaluating Psychotherapies Module 42 The Biomedical Therapies

Social Psychology
Module 43 Social Thinking Module 44 Social Influence Module 45 Social Relations

Appendix A: Statistical Reasoning in Everyday Life Appendix B: Critical Thinking Exercises and Answers by Richard O. Straub