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ExpressWays 3

ExpressWays 3 - 2nd edition

ExpressWays 3 - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780133855357

ISBN10: 013385535X

ExpressWays 3 by Steven J. Molinsky - ISBN 9780133855357
Edition: 2ND 96
Copyright: 1996
Publisher: Regents Publishing Co.
International: No
ExpressWays 3 by Steven J. Molinsky - ISBN 9780133855357

ISBN13: 9780133855357

ISBN10: 013385535X

Edition: 2ND 96

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This new, all-color edition of a classic ESL book, the third level of a 4-part series, integrates lifeskill topics, functions, and grammar to help people learn English in practical contexts. The book is set up with a "highway" motif, using activities such as "CrossTalk," "InterChange," and "Rest Stop" to provide opportunities for interactive conversations, cross-cultural discussions, and reading, writing, listening, and speaking skill development. For low-intermediate ESL learners.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

To the Teacher.
Components of an Expressways Lesson.

Exit 1. Meeting and Greeting People.

Let Me Introduce Myself. You're New Here, Aren't You? Nice to Meet You. Passport Please. I Have a Reservation. We Need Some Information. No More Numbers, Please!

Exit 2. Sharing News and Information.

What's New with You? Is Anything Wrong? Can I Ask You a Question? What Are You Going to Do this Weekend? Tell Me a Little about Yourself. The Weekend.

Exit 3. People and Places.

Directory Assistance. I Guess I Dialed the Wrong Number. Does this Train Go to the Bronx? When is the Next Flight to Chicago? Can You Tell Me how to Get to City Hall? I'm Lost. Honk! Honk! Rest Stop (Review).

Exit 4. Housing and Food.

Looking for an Apartment. Could You Do Me a Favor? It's in the Dairy Section, Aisle B. It's Amazing how Little You Can Buy! Mmm! These are Delicious! Could I Ask You for the Recipe? Food Markets.

Exit 5. At Work.

What Position Do You Have Open? Has Bob Gone to the Bank Yet? Have You Ever Flown a 747? Have You Given Out the Paychecks Yet? Do You Know How to Use a Word Processor? Can You Tell Me a Little More about the Position? The Job Interview.

Exit 6. Health and Emergencies.

I Want to Report an Emergency! I Want to Report an Accident! Can You Recommend Something for a Stuffy Nose? I'm Not Feeling Very Well. Do You Have any Allergies? I Strongly Advise You to Change Your Diet. Be Sure to Follow the Directions on the Label. It Might Work for You. Can I Offer a Suggestion? Rest Stop (Review).

Exit 7. Shopping.

Where Can I Find Washing Machines? I'd Like to Buy a Sony Color TV. I'm Looking for a Leather Belt for my Husband. I'd Like to Return this Coat. Catalog Stores. I'd Like to Purchase a Money Order, Please. I'd Like to Mail this Package to Minneapolis. I'm Interested in this Car.

Exit 8. Recreation.

What Do You Want to Do Today? What Would You Prefer to Do? Would You Like to Go Skiing Tomorrow? Maybe Some Other Time. I Hadn't Seen a Play in Ages! They Had Been Looking Forward to It for a Long Time. Would You Like to See a Movie Tonight? What Do You Want to Watch? VCRs. Rest Stop (Review).


Grammar Constructions. Cardinal Numbers. Ordinal Numbers. Irregular Verbs. Scripts for Listening Exercises. Grammar Index. Topic Index.