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Expressways 1

Expressways 1 - 2nd edition

Expressways 1 - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780133852950

ISBN10: 0133852954

Expressways 1 by Steven J. Molinsky - ISBN 9780133852950
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 96
Copyright: 1996
Publisher: Regents Publishing Co.
International: No
Expressways 1 by Steven J. Molinsky - ISBN 9780133852950

ISBN13: 9780133852950

ISBN10: 0133852954

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 96

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This new, all-color edition of a classic ESL text, the first level of a 4-part series, integrates lifeskill topics, functions, and grammar to help people learn English in practical contexts.

The book is set up with a "highway" motif, using such activities as "CrossTalk," "InterChange," and "Rest Stop" to provide opportunities for interactive conversations, cross-cultural discussions, and reading, writing, listening, and speaking skill development.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

To the Teacher.

Exit 1: Meeting and Greeting People.

Greet Someone and Introduce Yourself. Introduce Members of Your Family. Give Your Name and Tell How to Spell It. Give Your Address and Telephone Number. Interview Other Students. Tell Where You're From. Exchange Information, Using To Be, Yes/No Questions and wh-questions. Learn About People, Do Interviews, and Report about Your Interviews.

Exit 2: People and Places.

Call Directory Assistance, Using wh-questions. Make a Phone Call, Using To Be. Call and Find out Where People Are. Learn Places in the Community. Find out Where People Are Going. Tell about Everyday Activities, Using the Present Continuous Tense. Talk with Friends on the Telephone. Read about Busy People. Tell a Story about Your Family.

Exit 3: Getting Around Town.

Find out the Location of Places in the Community. Tell about Your Community. Use Public Transportation. Access Public Transportation, Using To Be and the Simple Present Tense. Give Directions to Places in the Community. Use Public Transportation. Give Someone Directions by Car. Read about Someone's Neighborhood. Tell a Story about Your Neighborhood. Role-Play Review of Exits 1,2, & 3.

Exit 4: Housing and Food.

Identify Rooms in the House. Describe Houses and Apartments. Tell about Features of an Apartment, Using There Is/There Are and Singular/Plural. Discuss Rent and Utilities. Identify Furniture in the Home, Using This/That/These/Those. Identify Count Food Items. Identify Non-Count Food Items. Locate Items in a Supermarket, Using Count/Non-Count Nouns. Visit a Local Supermarket. Discuss Ingredients, Using Count/Non-Count Nouns. Read about Someone's Apartment.

Exit 5: At Work.

Describe Occupations, Using the Simple Present Tense. Tell the Occupations of Members of Your Family. Tell about Work Skills, Using Can and Can't. Tell about Your Work Skills. Describe People, Using Adjectives. Ask for and Give Feedback at Work, Using the Present Continuous Tense and Object Pronouns. Visit a Community Work Site. Tell About Everyday Activities, Using the Simple Present Tense and Days of the Week. Tell About Family Dynamics, Using Adverbs of Frequency. Read about a Friendship. Tell about Yourself. Discuss Recreation, Using Like.

Exit 6: Health and Emergencies.

Identify Common Ailments, Using Have. Ask for Recommendations and Locate Items in a Drug Store. Visit a Local Drug Store. Discuss Home Remedies. Make a Doctor's Appointment, Using Time Expressions. Give a Medical History, Using To Be and the Simple Present Tense. Follow Instructions During a Medical Exam, Using Imperatives. Receive a Doctor's Medical Advice with Should. Give Medical Advice to Others. Receive a Pharmacist's Directions for Taking Medication. Tell about Remedies for Common Ailments. Report an Emergency. Read about Emergency Calls. Reenact an Emergency Situation. Role-Play Review of Exits 4,5,& 6.

Exit 7: Shopping.

Ask for Articles of Clothing in a Department Store, Using Singular/Plural. Select Articles of Clothing by Size and Color. Describe What People are Wearing. Find the Right Article of Clothing, Using Singular/Plural and Adjectives. Locate Items and Facilities in a Department Store, Using Ordinal Numbers. Purchase Items in a Department Store. Visit a Local Department Store. Discuss and Evaluate Prices. Read about Department Stores. Tell about Personal Shopping Experiences. Return Items to a Department Store, Using Adjectives. Reenact a Department Store Scene. Use the Services of a Post Office. Compare Stamps from Different Countries. Visit a Local Post Office.

Exit 8: Recreation.

Tell about Weekend Plans, Using Going to. Make Plans for the Day, Using Want to and Weather Expressions. Make and Respond to Invitations, Using Can't and Have to. Tell about Weekend Activities, Using the Past Tense. Make Plans, Using Want to and the Past Tense. Share Information, Using To Be in the Past. Discuss Cultural and Sporting Events in Your Community. Read About Recreation Activities. Relate Personal Experiences. Tell about Things You Like to Do. Role-Play Review of Exits 7 and 8.


Grammar Constructions. Cardinal Numbers. Ordinal Numbers. Irregular Verbs. Scripts for Listening Exercises. Grammar Index. Topic Index.