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Expressways 2

Expressways 2 - 2nd edition

Expressways 2 - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780133853377

ISBN10: 0133853373

Expressways 2 by Steven J. Molinsky - ISBN 9780133853377
Edition: 2ND 96
Copyright: 1996
Publisher: Regents Publishing Co.
International: No
Expressways 2 by Steven J. Molinsky - ISBN 9780133853377

ISBN13: 9780133853377

ISBN10: 0133853373

Edition: 2ND 96

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This new, all-color edition of a classic ESL book, the second level of a 4-part series, integrates lifeskill topics, functions, and grammar to help people learn English in practical contexts.

The book is set up with a "hig hway" motif, using such activities as "CrossTalk," "InterChange," and "Rest Stop" to provide opportunities for interactive conversations, cross-cultural discussions, and reading, writing, listening, and speaking skill development.

For high-beginning-level ESL learners.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

To the Teacher.

Exit 1. Friends and Neighbors

Is There a Laundromat in the Neighborhood? Can I Park My Car Here? Can I Help You Take Out the Garbage? Could You Lend Me a Hammer? Knocked on Your Door Several Times Last Week. Maybe You Should Call a Plumber. Do You Fix Kitchen Sinks? Water Everywhere?

Exit 2. Calling People. Going Places.

Could You Please Tell Me How to Make a Long-Distance Call? I Want to Make This Collect Call, Please. May I Please Speak to Betty? She Won't Be Back Until 3:00. When Is the Next Bus to Buffalo? Please Fasten Your Seat Belt! I Want to Report an Emergency! Franco's Vacation.

Exit 3. Food.

Do We Need Anything from the Supermarket? What Do You Want Me to Get? I Want a Pound of Roast Beef. Your Change is $2.75. I'd Like a Hamburger and an Order of French Fries. I'd Like the Chicken. Would You like a Few More Meatballs? Can You Tell Me the Recipe? Saving Time. Rest Stop.

Exit 4. Personal Finances.

I Don't Think We Can Afford It. Can You Show Me a Less Expensive One? I Think We Should Stop at the Bank. I'd Like to Deposit This in My Savings Account. I'm Balancing the Checkbook. Why Are You Banging on the Vending Machine? Did You Remember to Pay the Telephone Bill? I Think There's a Mistake on My Electric Bill. Bob Anderson and His Checkbook.

Exit 5. At Work.

Could You Please Give This Report to Mr. Lewis? Would You Like Me to Set Up the Conference Room? You're a Very Accurate Translator! Am I Tying Fast Enough? I Won't Be Able to Work This Weekend. I'm Sorry That I Couldn't Work Overtime Yesterday. Too Many Excuses! What Happened? Could I Possibly Leave an Hour Early Today?

Exit 6. Rules and Regulations.

Are You Allowed to Swim Here? You Aren't Allowed to Park Here. "No Right Turn on Red." Let Me See Your License. Rules of the Building. When Are You Going to Fix My Sink? You Must Always Wear Your Uniform. You Should Write to the Mayor. There Ought to Be a Law. Rest Stop.

Exit 7. School, Family, and Friends.

How Is David Doing in Math This Year? Extracurricular Activities. This Is Mrs. Smith, the School Principal, Calling. Whose Things Are These? How Much Longer? Good News! Bad News! Did You Hear the News? I Really Like Your New Laptop Computer. What Are You Going to Do This Weekend?

Exit 8. Strategies for Communicating. Saying Good-bye.

I'm Sorry to Interrupt. What Does That Mean? I Agree. I Disagree. I've Really Got to Go Now. So Long. In My Opinion. The Game of Language. Rest Stop.


Grammar Construction. Cardinal Numbers. Ordinal Numbers. Irregular Verbs. Scripts for Listening Exercises. Grammar Index. Topic Index.