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Families, Professionals and Exceptionality : A Special Partnership

Families, Professionals and Exceptionality : A Special Partnership - 3rd edition

Families, Professionals and Exceptionality : A Special Partnership - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780135685518

ISBN10: 0135685516

Families, Professionals and Exceptionality : A Special Partnership by Ann Turnbull - ISBN 9780135685518
Edition: 3RD 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Merrill Education/Prentice Hall
International: No
Families, Professionals and Exceptionality : A Special Partnership by Ann Turnbull - ISBN 9780135685518

ISBN13: 9780135685518

ISBN10: 0135685516

Edition: 3RD 97

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Written by highly experienced special educators who are parents of a disabled child, this newly revised text focuses on family-professional empowerment, offers a wealth of concrete, and time-tested strategies for building reliable alliances between families and educators, and is based on the belief that the most rewarding of living one's personal and professional life is through collaboration for empowerment. Empowerment means knowing what you want, having the motivation to seek it out, and using your knowledge and skills to get what you want. Collaboration means sharing resources and creating a context that empowers families and professionals alike. The book presents comprehensive, data-based, and conceptually consistent approaches for families and professionals to collaborate for empowerment.

Synthesizes multi-disciplinary literature on empowerment, and shows how to apply research or empowerment in special and general education.

Addresses needs of individuals and families experiencing every exceptionality (ages birth through 21).

Gives advice for empowering families of all types, including single-parent and extended families, and those facing challenges of poverty and maltreatment.

Presents a family systems approach individualizing family- professional interactions for benefit of all family member.

Emphasizes multi-cultural considerations and shows how professionals can be more culturally competent.

Gives practical "Tips" for empowering all families through collaboration with them.

Includes over 50 suggestion tables so concepts can be easily applied.

Contains over 1000 current references.

NEW--Consistently weaves "Empowerment through Collaboration throughout all chapters.

NEW--Gives practical guide on how families and professionals alike can experience empowerment through collaboration.

NEW--Addresses the Family Factors and the Education Context Factors that are joined by collaboration to ensure empowerment.

NEW--Gives voice to families, especially those of cultural or ethnic minority groups and those who face special challenges associated with other socio-economic matters.

NEW--Three types of boxed features have been added to each chapter to bring a powerful element of reality and application to the student:

"My Voice" brings the real-life stories of parents to the foreground.
"Together We Can" shows how parents, in concert, with helping professionals can forge an empowering, collaborative unit.
"Tips" provide parents and teachers with necessary strategies.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Historical and Current Roles of Families and Parents.
2. Schools as Systems: The Context for Family-Professional Collaboration.
3. Empowerment.
4. Building Reliable Alliances.


5. Family Characteristics.
6. Family Interaction.
7. Family Functions.
8. Family Life Cycle.


9. Communicating Among Reliable Allies.
10. Meeting Families' Basic Needs.
11. Referring and Evaluating for Special Education.
12. Individualizing for Appropriate Education.
13. Extending Learning into Home and Community.
14. Attending and Volunteering at School.
15. Advocating for Systems Improvement.

Appendix A. Names and Addresses.
Appendix B. Conversation Guide.

Reprint Acknolwledgments.