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Field and Wave Electromagnetics

Field and Wave Electromagnetics - 2nd edition

Field and Wave Electromagnetics - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780201128192

ISBN10: 0201128195

Field and Wave Electromagnetics by David K. Cheng - ISBN 9780201128192
Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 2ND 89
Copyright: 1989
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc.
International: No
Field and Wave Electromagnetics by David K. Cheng - ISBN 9780201128192

ISBN13: 9780201128192

ISBN10: 0201128195

Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 2ND 89

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Field and Wave Electromagnetics, Second Edition features many examples of practical applications to give students an excellent physical -- as well as mathematical -- understanding of important concepts. These include applications drawn from important new areas of technology such as optical fibers, radome design, satellite communication, and microstrip lines. There is also added coverage of several new topics, including Hall effect, radar equation and scattering cross section, transients in transmission lines, waveguides and circular cavity resonators, wave propagation in the ionosphere, and helical antennas. New exercises, new problems, and many worked-out examples make this complex material more accessible to students.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Electromagnetic Model

The electromagnetic model
SI units and universal constants
Review questions

Chapter 2: Vector Analysis

Vector addition and subtraction
Products of vectors
Orthogonal coordinate systems
Integrals containing vector functions
Gradient of a scalar field
Divergence of a vector field
Divergence theorem
Curl of a vector field
Stoke's theorem
Two null identities
Helmholtz's theorem
Review questions

Chapter 3: Static Electric Fields

Fundamental postulates of electrostatics in free space
Coulomb's law
Gauss's law and applications
Electric potential
Conductors in static electric field
Dielectrics in static electric field
Electric flux density and dielectric constant
Boundary conditions for electrostatic fields
Capacitances and capacitors
Electrostatic energy and forces
Solution of electrostatic boundary-value problems
Review questions

Chapter 4: Solution of Electrostatic Problems

Poisson's and Laplaces' equations
Uniqueness of electrostatic functions
Method of Images
Boundary-Value Problems in Cartesian Coordinates
Boundary-Value Problems in Cylindrical Coordinates
Boundary-Value Problems in Spherical Coordinates
Review questions

Chapter 5: Steady Electric Currents

Current density and Ohm's law
Electromotive force and Kirchoff's voltage law
Equation of continuity and Kirchoff's current law
Power dissipation and Joule's law
Boundary conditions for current density
Resistance calculations
Review questions

Chapter 6: Static Magnetic Fields

Fundamental postulates of magnetostatics in free space
Vector magnetic potential
The Biot-Savart law and applications
The magnetic dipole
Magnetization and equivalent current densities
Magnetic field intensity and relative permeability
Magnetic circuits
Behavior of magnetic materials
Boundary conditions for magnetostatic fields
Inductances and inductors
Magnetic energy
Magnetic forces and torques
Review questions

Chapter 7: Time-Varying Fields and Maxwell's Equations

Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction
Maxwell's equations
Potential functions
Electromagnetic boundary conditions
Wave equations and their solutions
Time-harmonic fields
Review questions

Chapter 8: Plane Electromagnetic Waves

Plane waves in lossless media
Plane waves in lossy media
Group velocity
Flow of electromagentic power and the poynting vector
Normal incidence of plane waves at a plane conducting boundary
Oblique incidence of plane waves at a plane conducting boundary
Normal incidence of plane waves at a plane dielectric boundary
Normal incidence of plane waves at multiple dielectric interfaces
Oblique incidence of plane waves at a plane dielectric boundary
Review questions

Chapter 9: Theory and Application of Transmission Lines

Transverse Electromagnetic wave along a parallel-plate transmission line General transmission-line equations
Wave characteristics on finite transmission lines
Transients on transmission lines
The Smith chart
Transmission-line impedance matching
Review questions

Chapter 10: Waveguides and Cavity Resonators

General wave behaviors along uniform guiding structures
Parallel-plate waveguide
Rectangular waveguides
Circular waveguides
Dielectric waveguides
Cavity resonators
Review questions

Chapter 11: Antennas and Radiating Systems

Radiation fields of elemental dipoles
Antenna patterns and antenna parameters
Thin linear antennas
Antenna arrays
Receiving antennas
Transmit-receive Systems
Some other antenna types
Review questions

A: Symbols and units
B: Some useful material constants

Answers to selected problems
Back Endpapers