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Fitness Through Aerobics and Step Training

Fitness Through Aerobics and Step Training - 4th edition

Fitness Through Aerobics and Step Training - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780495012719

ISBN10: 0495012718

Fitness Through Aerobics and Step Training by Karen S. Mazzeo - ISBN 9780495012719
Edition: 4TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Wadsworth, Inc
International: No
Fitness Through Aerobics and Step Training by Karen S. Mazzeo - ISBN 9780495012719

ISBN13: 9780495012719

ISBN10: 0495012718

Edition: 4TH 07

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FITNESS THROUGH AEROBICS, STEP TRAINING, AND WALKING, Fourth Edition contains an easy-to-follow sequential learning order that provides methods to achieve total fitness goals. Students are able to easily understand the principles and techniques of aerobic dance exercise, step training, and fitness walking, with a new focus on strength training, and will be able to structure a complete physical and mental training program that can work for a lifetime.

New to the Edition

  • Strength training coverage has been greatly increased with new research, including more functional strength training options. This new coverage also helps address obesity issues. Insights from top professionals in the country are dispersed throughout the text, focusing readers of the importance of this topic.
  • A greater focus on fitness walking is presented in recognition of the popularity of walking as a form of exercise.
  • The nutrition coverage has been updated to include the updated 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and details for using the individualized "MyPyramid" food system online.
  • Coverage of the latest technologies, such as heart rate monitors, pedometers, new resistance equipment and gel insoles for foot comfort, has been added, including how to use them in the class setting.
  • A 12-position yoga routine provides needed transitional movement from activity to the final relaxation segment.
  • A new "On the Road" routine, featuring resistance tubing, provides an option for how to incorporate exercise when traveling.
  • "10 Rules for Successful Weight Loss in Record Time!" provides the latest research from top professionals in the field on this hot topic.
  • A goal-setting worksheet to reflect "SMART" goals.


  • All exercise movements shown are photographed using a "mirrored method" so that all written and oral cues directly match what the reader sees.
  • This text has numerous assessments and monitoring tools to encourage awareness of starting points as well as and growth/change points, allowing students to compare pre- and post-course information and data.
  • The principles and techniques are presented together, in four separate chapters, corresponding to each of the key segments of a fitness class.
  • An alphabetized listing of 100 aerobics gestures, steps, and pattern cues - complete with directional and word cues - provides independence for the students who wish to improvise outside of class.
  • A section on internal motivation and goal setting helps students get to the basics of each.
  • The author has included numerous guidelines to healthy eating, including a Fluid Replacement Pyramid, and information on disordered eating and problem eating behaviors with solutions.
  • Three assessments for heart rate monitoring are presented: resting heart rates; after aerobic exercise intervals; and ratings of perceived exertion for all segments of the course.
  • The basics of motivation and goal setting are interpreted into each chapter.
  • The author includes the latest information on nutrition, weight management, stress management, and relaxation techniques.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Aerobic Exercise: The Way to Fitness.

2. Motivation and Goal Setting.

3. Safety First.

4. Posture and Positioning.

5. Fitness Testing.

6. Warm Up.

7. Aerobic Exercise: #1 Aerobics.

8. Aerobic Exercise: #2 Step Training.

9. Aerobic Exercise: #3 Fitness Walking.

10. Strength Training.

11. Cool-Down and Flexibility Training.

12. Stress Management and Relaxation.

13. Nutrition.

14. Weight Management.