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Forest People

Forest People - 62 edition

Forest People - 62 edition

ISBN13: 9780671640996

ISBN10: 0671640992

Forest People by Colin M. Turnbull - ISBN 9780671640996
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 62
Copyright: 1962
Publisher: Touchstone Books
International: No
Forest People by Colin M. Turnbull - ISBN 9780671640996

ISBN13: 9780671640996

ISBN10: 0671640992

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 62

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The Forest People -- Colin M. Turnbull's best-selling, classic work -- describes the author's experiences while living with the BaMbuti Pygmies, not as a clinical observer, but as their friend learning their customs and sharing their daily life.

Turnbull conveys the lives and feelings of the BaMbuti whose existence centers on their intense love for their forest world, which, in return for their affection and trust, provides their every need. We witness their hunting parties and nomadic camps; their love affairs and ancient ceremonies -- the molimo, in which they praise the forest as provider, protector, and deity; the elima, in which the young girls come of age; and the nkumbi circumcision rites, in which the villagers of the surrounding non-Pygmy tribes attempt to impose their culture on the Pygmies, whose forest home they dare not enter.

The Forest People eloquently shows us a people who have found in the forest something that makes their life more than just living -- a life that, with all its hardships and problems and tragedies, is a wonderful thing of happiness and joy.

Author Bio

Colin M. Turnbull was born in London, and now lives in Connecticut. He was educated at Westminster School and Magdalen College, Oxford, where he studied philosophy and politics. After serving in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve during World War II, he held a research grant for two years in the Department of Indian Religion and Philosophy at Banaras Hindu University, in India, and then returned to Oxford, where he studied anthropology, specializing in the African field.

He has made five extended field trips to Africa, the last of which was spent mainly in the Republic of Zaïre. From these trips he drew the material for his first book, The Forest People, an account of the three years he spent with the Pygmies of Zaïre.

Mr. Turnbull was a Professor of Anthropology at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He is a Research Associate at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and a Corresponding Member of Le Musée Royal d'Afrique Centrale.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



1 The World of the Forest

2 The Good Death of Balekimito

3 The Making of Camp Lelo

4 The Song of the Forest

5 The Crime of Cephu, the Bad Hunter

6 The Giver of the Law

7 The Play World of the BaMbuti

8 Molimo: the Dance of Death

9 The World of the Village

10 Elima: the Dance of Life

11 The Marriage of Kenge

12 Village Initiation and Magic

13 Forest Horizons

14 The World Beyond

15 The Dream World

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