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Foucault for Beginners

Foucault for Beginners - 93 edition

Foucault for Beginners - 93 edition

ISBN13: 9781934389126

ISBN10: 1934389129

Foucault for Beginners by Lydia Alix Fillingham - ISBN 9781934389126
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 93
Copyright: 1993
Publisher: For Beginners
International: No
Foucault for Beginners by Lydia Alix Fillingham - ISBN 9781934389126

ISBN13: 9781934389126

ISBN10: 1934389129

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 93
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Michel Foucault's work has profoundly affected the teaching of such diverse disciplines as literary criticism, criminology and gender studies. Foucault argued that definitions of abnormal behavior are culturally constructed, and he explored the unfair divisions between those who meet and those who deviate from social norms.

Foucault's deeply visual senses of scenes, such as ritual public executions, are brilliantly expressed in the dramatic illustrations.