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Foundations of Earth Science - With CD

Foundations of Earth Science - With CD - 4th edition

Foundations of Earth Science - With CD - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780131447509

ISBN10: 0131447505

Foundations of Earth Science - With CD by Frederick Lutgens, Edward Tarbuck and Dennis Tasa - ISBN 9780131447509
Edition: 4TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Foundations of Earth Science - With CD by Frederick Lutgens, Edward Tarbuck and Dennis Tasa - ISBN 9780131447509

ISBN13: 9780131447509

ISBN10: 0131447505

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For introductory courses in Earth Science.

The brief, paperback version of the best-selling Earth Science is designed for introductory courses in earth science. This highly visual, non- technical survey emphasizes broad, up-to-date coverage of basic topics and principles in geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy. The text's flexible design lends itself to the diversity of Earth science courses in both content and approach. As in previous editions, the main focus is to foster student understanding of basic earth science principles.


  • NEW-Completely rewritten Chapter 5, "Plate Tectonics: A Scientific Theory Unfolds"--Places greater emphasis on the development of this critical building-block theory and the nature of scientific inquiry.
  • NEW-Completely rewritten discussions in Chapter 9, "Oceans"--Features new information on "Geography of the Oceans," "Composition of Seawater," "Bathymetric Techniques," "Sea-Floor Sediments," and more.
  • NEW-Revised and expanded Chapter 10, "The Restless Ocean"--Includes additional headings to guide students, 10+ new pieces of line art, and revamped coverage of "Surface Circulation," "Deep-Ocean Circulation," "Waves," "Beaches and Shoreline Processes," and "Stabilizing the Shore."
  • NEW-Substantially revised Chapter 6, "Restless Earth"--Includes new sections on "Discovering the Cause of Earthquakes," "Measuring the Size of Earthquakes," and "Tsunami," plus a new discussion of rock deformation and expanded information on "Earth's Layered Structure" and "Mountain Building."
  • NEW-Exploration of Mars--New research and revealing photos from the 2004 Spirit rover expedition.
  • NEW-Expanded discussion based on the latest research findings--Includes "Mechanisms of Heat Transfer" and "The Fate of Incoming Solar Radiation" (Ch. 11); "Types of Stability" and "Measuring Precipitation" (Ch. 12); "Surface Winds versus Winds Aloft" (Ch. 13), and "Stationary Fronts and Occluded Fronts" (Ch. 14).
  • NEW-Expanded and rewritten section on the rock cycle--More clearly relates Earth's three major rock groups to the concept of Earth as a system. Includes new identification charts for all three-rock groups.
  • NEW-New material throughout--Expanded and improved discussion of minerals, stream erosion, causes of floods, landslides, glaciers, folds and faults, volcanic hazards, global warming, and severe storms.
  • NEW-Expanded introductory discussion--Includes a new section, "Earth as a System," that introduces and explores the concept of Earth as a system composed of many interacting subsystems.
  • NEW-Over 100 pieces of new and revised line art--Detailed, realistic illustrations assist students in visualizing concepts such as mineral properties, types of stability, and the geography of the oceans.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Earth Materials

1. Minerals
2. Rocks

Unit 2: Sculpturing Earth's Surface

3. Landscapes Fashioned by Water
4. Glacial and Arid Landscapes

Unit 3: Earth's Internal Process

5. Plate Tectonics: A Scientific Theory Unfolds
6. Restless Earth
7. Fires Within

Unit 4: Deciphering Earth's History

8. Geologic Time

Unit 5: The Global Ocean

9. Oceans
10. The Restless Ocean

Unit 6: The Atmosphere

11. Heating the Atmosphere
12. Clouds and Precipitation
13. The Atmosphere in Motion
14. Weather Patterns and Severe Weather

Unit 7: Earth's Place in the Universe

15. The Nature of the Solar System
16. Beyond the Solar System