Foundations of Parasitology 5th edition (9780697260710) -
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Foundations of Parasitology

Foundations of Parasitology - 5th edition

Foundations of Parasitology - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9780697260710

ISBN10: 0697260712

Foundations of Parasitology by Larry S. Roberts - ISBN 9780697260710
Edition: 5TH 96
Copyright: 1996
Publisher: W.C.Brown Pub.Co.
International: No
Foundations of Parasitology by Larry S. Roberts - ISBN 9780697260710

ISBN13: 9780697260710

ISBN10: 0697260712

Edition: 5TH 96

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This new edition is the ideal general parasitology text for your junior- and senior-level biology or zoology majors. Designed for a one-semester course, Foundations of Parasitology emphasizes principles, with related information about biology, physiology, morphology, and ecology of the major parasites of humans and domestic animals. This balanced text presents the major phyla of parasites within a biological, ecological, and evolutionary framework.
Updates include the addition of current information covering research and taxonomy; increased ecology and evolution coverage; updated coverage of immunology and pathology; improved phylogenetics information; and an increase in life-cycle illustrations.
Excellent visuals program features numerous line drawings and photomicrographs that illustrate important morphological detail.
Effective pedagogical aids include chapter-opening quotations, boldface terms, classification lists, updated end-of-chapter references, suggested readings, and glossary.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Parasitology

2 Basic Principles and Concepts: Parasite Ecology and Evolution

3 Basic Principles and Concepts II: Immunology and Pathology

4 Parasitic Protistans: Form, Function, and Classification

5 Kinetoplastida: Trypanosomes and Their Kin

6 Other Flagellate Protozoa

7 Subphylum Sarcodina: Amebas

8 Phylum Apicomplexa: Gregarines, Coccidia, and Related Organisms

9 Phylum Apicomplexa: Malaria Organisms and Piroplasms

10 Phylum Myxozoa and Microspora: Protozoa with Polar Filaments

11 Phylum Ciliophora: Ciliated Protistan Parasites

12 Phylum Mesozoa: Pioneers or Degenerates?

13 Introduction to the Phylum Platyhelminthes

14 Trematoda: Aspidobothrea

15 Trematoda: Form, Function, and Classification of Digeneans

16 Digeneans: Strigeiformes

17 Digeneans: Echinostomatiformes

18 Digeneans: Plagiorchiformes and Opisthorchiformes

19 Monogenea

20 Cestoidea: Form, Function, and Classification of the Tapeworms

21 Tapeworms

22 Phylum Nematoda: Form, Function, and Classification

23 Nematodes: Trichurida and Dioctophymatida, Enoplean Parasites

24 Nematodes: Rhabditida, Pioneering Parasites

25 Nematodes: Strongylida, Bursate Rhabditians

26 Nematodes: Ascaridida, Intestinal Large Roundworms

27 Nematodes: Oxyurida, the Pinworms

28 Nematodes: Spirurida, a Potpourri

29 Nematodes: Filaroidea, the Filiarial Worms

30 Nematodes: Camallanina, the Guinea Worms and Others

31 Phylum Acanthocephala: Thorny-Headed Worms

32 Phylum Pentastomida: Tongue Worms

33 Phylum Arthropoda: Form, Function, and Classification

34 Parasitic Crustaceans

35 Parasitic Insects: Mallophaga and Anoplura, the Lice

36 Parasitic Insects: Hemiptera, the Bugs

37 Parasitic Insects: Siphonaptera, the Fleas

38 Parasitic Insects: Diptera, the Flies

39 Parasitic Insects: Strepsiptera, Hymenoptera, and Others

40 Parasitic Arachnids: Subclass Acari, the Ticks, and Mites